Police find ‘materials’ in Kerran case



    Royal Cayman Islands Police Service officers investigating the suspicious 30 July disappearance of a nurse from the Bodden Town area said Monday that there had been a potentially significant discovery made in relation to the case.  

    “During one of the searches this weekend, we did find some materials that are being assessed,” RCIPS Superintendent Marlon Bodden said. “We are going to assess to see if it has any significance or connection in relation to the disappearance of Kerran.”  

    Kerran Natalee Baker, 25, of Jamaica was last seen around 7pm Saturday, 30 July, leaving the airport Fosters store. The next evening a friend who entered Kerran’s home on Arrow Drive found several bags of groceries left of the counter as well as the missing woman’s handbag.  

    On Monday, 1 August, RCIPS officers located Kerran’s white Honda Civic in the Pedro St. James Castle area. The keys to the vehicle had apparently been tossed into the nearby bush.  

    According to RCIPS Chief Superintendent John Jones, the “materials” referred to were found on Sunday afternoon. Other sources familiar with the search and what was found, said the materials were papers that had been located in the Pedro St. James Castle area.  

    RCIPS Chief Inspector Angelique Howell said police search teams did examine the Pedro Castle area again on Sunday, but she would not confirm anything further.  

    None of the searches conducted Saturday and Sunday turned up any evidence as to where Ms Baker may be located.  

    “We have no clue where Kerran is or what happened to her,” Mr. Bodden said Monday.  

    Mr. Jones said he realised police were being necessarily coy with regard to what was found.  

    “We don’t want to say anything that would prejudice the investigation,” Mr. Jones said. “We are conducting this on the basis that … we hope that Kerran is still alive, but we also have to think of the worst possibility and that something criminal has happened to her.”  

    Police said no arrests have been made in connection with the missing woman’s disappearance.  


    Other evidence   

    The RCIPS is still trying to piece together what happened to Ms Baker after she was spotted on the Foster’s CCTV cameras at 7pm Saturday, 30 July.  

    There had been reports that her vehicle was seen in the Lower Valley area later that evening, as well as other sightings that placed the car outside the Domino’s Pizza shop in Savannah. However, neither of those sightings had been confirmed by press time Monday.  

    Chief Superintendent John Jones said Ms Baker’s cell phone had been used after 7pm Saturday, 30 July but it was impossible to determine whether she or another person was using it.  

    Also, officers were still waiting for forensic analysis of a substance that appeared to be blood that was found near the shoreline in the Pedro Castle area. However, at this stage investigators could not even be certain the substance was blood. 

    “It was a minuscule amount that was found,” Mr. Jones said. “We are very much looking for a needle in a haystack to a 
certain extent. 


    Police and volunteers joined up this past weekend in Island-wide efforts to find Kerran Baker. The Jamaican nurse was last seen Saturday, 30 July. – Photo: Brent Fuller


    1. We continue to pray for the safe return of Kerry Natalee Baker and for God to strengthen the family as they go through this tragic ordeal. However I have a huge problem with the following statement regarding the progress of the case:-

      Chief Superintendent John Jones reported that Ms Baker’s cell phone had been used after 7pm Saturday, 30 July but it was impossible to determine whether she or another person was using it!

      I put an exclamation mark at the end because this is not the kind of statement I would expect from the head of an RCIP investigation.

      I disagree with Mr. Jones herewith stating that IT IS POSSIBLE for police to determine whether Kerry or another person was using her phone.the Yes it can be determined indeed who was using her phone when real police work is being conducted.
      One does not have to be a trained police officer to make a simple assessment of the performance concerned.
      Consider the following reality check points:-

      -What was the phone number on the other end being called from Ms. Baker’s phone?.

      -The identity/owner of the phone of the person whose phone number was being called?.

      -was it a family member Kerry was calling?
      – Was it her abductor/s calling another number for assistance in the crime?

      -What does the phone records show and details of voice record?

      Conclusion, the nature,tone, volume and voice ID of the key points and details of the conversation if any can be easily determined by any law enforcement that is determined to burst this case.

      -In the event that a number was called from Kerry’s phone then the circumstances surrounding the ID of the person and phone number that was being called will determine who was using her phone. The abductor or Kerry, or those assisting in the crime.

      For the police to report that they cannot determined who was using the phone is unsatisfactory and only concludes that they have not done a thorough investigation of this aspect of the attempt to find out what really happened to Ms. Kerry Natalee Baker.

      Cell phones have been used by law enforcement to locate people in missing person cases and other criminal matters.E.G. it was Kelsy smith’s cell phone that led police to her body. Cell phones have also been used to narrow the search for people involved in car accidents and those that have been lost in remote areas.

      I suggest they repeat the process.

      Please visit for details how this works to find missing persons:


    2. Tiger,
      You GOT that right!
      Either they have not done a thorough job of utilizing the Telephone tower signal where her phone is located based on the settings on her phone. OR

      They have information and is withholding it.

    3. While I have been known to lambast the RCIPS when I see what I perceive to be incompetence or laziness or ineptitude, I have to say that in a case like this it is completely natural and necessary to be very, very closely guarded with the information that is released and details of ANY investigations made…people, we MUST understand, that the police cannot tell us EVERYTHING and that is just how this must be…I know this is something we are not used to, as in past years, the flow of information, both official and unofficial was sometimes a bit too much, but I think that the higher echelons have learned from these past mistakes and are a lot more careful about how much information and facts they release…these things tend to be more need to know now..and for Good reason…the person or persons who may be responsible for this are surely going to be watching to see how close the police may be getting or what evidence they may have discovered..In this case, the RCIPS have a very daunting task, let’s not jump to conclusions about the status and competence of the investigation based on the perceived lack of information released…

    4. This investigation is clearly lacking all the obvious elements. The RCIP needs help. How can 2 women go missing on a small island like this?

    5. quote: Her cell phone was used after 7pm but we are not sure who was using it:
      All options of finding out who made those calls are at their disposal. trace it. I’m aware that they have to follow certain principles – but we the public can only say our piece based on what they are telling us.


      IT HAS GOT TO BE LAZINESS.Who are the phone companies working for? If the Police know her phone has been used then they dog gone well know where her phone isif not

    7. I admire the Compass for allowing almost unfettered comment but some commenters simply prove they have not a clue what is going on. In fact, I would go as far as to suggest that we need to identify who these people are and investigate their education because I simply cannot believe they have had one.
      At least we can be reassured that should they fancy becoming a police officer they have no chance whatsoever of passing the entrance test!

    8. We are sick of crime and are anxiously awaiting high profile persons to be taken down that have gotten away scot free for crimes in the past.

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