New landfill discussed 
in Bodden Town meeting



The Bodden Town area has long been identified as the best site on Grand Cayman to locate a new landfill, representatives from government and Dart Realty Cayman Ltd. told more than 100 residents who attended a meeting Thursday night. 

The majority of the audience at the Bodden Town Civic Centre reacted calmly to the idea of the landfill’s location, and no one argued the current George Town landfill is acceptable as is. However, many expressed concerns about the impact the new landfill might have on the fast-growing district, and several questioned how they could be sure that officials would follow through on promises the new landfill will be as technologically advanced and eco-friendly as possible – especially with the lack of environmental laws and recycling legislation. 


Bodden Town landfill  

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Calling the George Town landfill “one of the biggest national tragedies we have”, West Bay MLA Rolston Anglin said, “If we had the space in my district, I’d be the first to argue for a properly engineered landfill to go there.” 

The plan is to put the new landfill on 110 acres of land acquired by Dart in between Breakers and Bodden Town, northeast of Midland Acres and near two existing quarries. The landfill itself would occupy 40 acres. The proposed extension to the East-West arterial would bound the north side of the new landfill. The location of the site accords with previous ideal locations identified in earlier government studies, for example in 2003, officials said. 

Bodden Town MLA Mark Scotland, who is Minister for Health, Environment, Youth, Sports and Culture, said unlike the current George Town landfill, where waste is basically dumped on the site, the Bodden Town landfill will have eight individual cells that would be filled, sealed and covered one at a time, to minimise the amount of exposed waste. Each cell could be used for about 2 to 2.5 years, depending on separation and recycling techniques in place to reduce the amount of waste ending up in the landfill, he said. Mr. Scotland estimated the lifespan of the Bodden Town landfill at 20 to 40 years, depending on those mitigation programmes. 

Future meetings  

Mr. Scotland said there will be future meetings in the district to discuss area-specific projects in more detail, including the new landfill and initiatives to improve facilities at Bodden Town Primary School and Savannah Primary School. 

Vehicles going to and from the new landfill will not necessitate the immediate extension of the arterial or expansion of Bodden Town Road, Mr. Scotland said, estimating the new landfill would create a maximum of 200 vehicle trips per day. He said 10 to 12 garbage trucks would make one or two trips per day, plus 100 to 150 private vehicles per day going to drop off waste at the landfill. The extra traffic caused by the landfill pales in comparison to the natural growth of the district, Mr. Scotland said, which will compel additional road infrastructure regardless of the landfill. 

“The demand is not going to be there just based on this waste management facility alone,” 
he said. 

Mt. Trashmore

The George Town landfill, known as Mount Trashmore, can be seen from the deck of cruise ships.
Joe Shooman

Bodden Town meeting

More than 100 residents packed the Bodden Town Civic Centre on Thursday night to learn about the new landfill proposal. – Photo: Patrick Brendel
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  1. Landfill technology has come a long ways since 1983 since Mt. Trashmore was opened. The eight cell design landfill lined with impervious liners has a proven track record for an environmental safe waste management facility. But, recycling techniques needs to at the top of the list to make this all work and this starts at homes and businesses.

    I feel Transfer stations facility should be built in West Bay, Northside, Georgetown and East End to reduce private vehicles going to Bodden Town. This will also help stop illegal dumping in those areas.

    I confident that our DOE, DEH and Dart will create Bodden Town landfill to the Latest Greatest design in the Caribbean.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree that the current landfill is both an eyesore and a health hazard. I’m sure there is no easy solution to the problem. However, I question the decision to locate a new landfill all the way out in Boddentown. Sure, 200 vehicle trips per day will not impact traffic that greatly, but what about fuel consumption? Not even considering the private vehicles, you’re talking 20-24 trips out there in the garbage trucks. How many additional miles is that per day? And how does that translate into gallons of gas (those trucks certainly do not get good gas milage!)? And then add the 100-150 trips per day made by private vehicles. That’s a mindboggling amount of additional gas consumed and pollutants added to our already fragile environment. Should we not, instead, be looking for greener solutions? Should we not, for instance, require all households to have a separate container for their compostable, organic wastes (vegetable matter and lawn debris)? This could be collected separately and taken to a composting facility located much closer. The resulting rich soil could be sold locally, actually MAKING money for the government. And what about producing fuel from trash, something I’ve been hearing talk of for years? It seems there are so many other, greener solutions out there. Why not get a panel of environmentalists together for a brainstorming session?

  3. There are safe technologies which convert municipal solid waste into valued resources , such as fuel and electricity. This is done in closed loop systems not mass burn waste to energy incinerators which pollute the air. We should be looking at this type of solution instead of burying a resource in a landfill.

  4. In case unny didnt notice
    there is a recycle centre near hurleys across from motor vehicle inspection…next to the road
    I have dropped off batterys cans as well as an old A/C
    Has anyone else ????? I dont think so I saw my a/c there for a week and no one elses….but someone did drop off cans on top of mine unny must love trashin unny yards