Electronics make school work easier

Whether you’re typing up your dissertation, or chatting on your iPad with friends on FaceTime, in this day and age, electronics play a major part in many of our lives. It seems students have found that these nifty gadgets, usually used for entertainment, also serve handy when it comes to school work.

Primary School and High School

For grade school children the only thing required is a basic calculator. Most schools provide computers, so laptops are not required. It has been noted by school officials that most students use electronics to do their homework, and children spend about half of their time doing work by hand, as opposed to by computer.

When students reach high school it is recommended they purchase a scientific calculator for more advanced mathematics, but no other electronic devices are necessary as many schools have them available.

University level

In further education, electronic devices are a must have for students when completing their degree. A laptop for most students is an essential. The HP mini Notebook laptops are marketed towards students; they weigh around 2.5 pounds as opposed to typical laptops which are 5 to 9 pounds. As the mini laptops are smaller, they can fit into backpacks easily and are a lighter load to carry to classes. The prices of the mini laptops are also significantly cheaper than a normal sized laptop; mini laptop prices range from around US $200 to 250.

How electronics help with school work

To begin with, writing lecture notes becomes a breeze. Students can type notes out instead of writing by hand. This makes the process quicker and not to mention less tiring and the next time you forget to bring your pen in the lecture hall you won’t feel so embarrassed.

Instead of buying hard copy books or loaning books from the library students can now use e-Books. This is another electronic perk that is available at many universities worldwide. Students can log-in to their university website and use their online code to access e-books for free either to read online or to download to their computer. This is a real time and money saver. Students no longer have to spend hours searching for books in the library, instead they can access books at home and they don’t have to worry about late fees. With easier access to information, this gives students no excuses to miss their required reading for classes and it also encourages independent studies.

The International College of the Cayman Islands has an online e-library and reference database, formally known as the Library and Information Resource Network, that gives students access to thousands of reference books, magazines. journals, maps, pictures and newspapers from around the world, along with transcripts of news and public affairs broadcasts.

“This is very helpful for undergraduate and graduate students when they are doing research for case studies, papers and presentations. The depth and breadth of topics on the (network) are just as varied as any world-class library covering all sensitive legal issues, politics, wars, environment, as well as the arts and music,” said Anthony Husemann, director of graduate studies.

He said the e-library and database is an, “Amazing in-depth resource for ICCI students. With access to this electronic database, what used to take weeks or even months to do research physically has been cut down to days and sometimes mere hours,” Dr. Husemann said.

Each student and faculty member can access the e-library on the Internet by code. Staff members are also available in the evening to assist students on research and journals and a librarian can be reached by email during working hours.

All students are also advised to purchase an external hard drive. This gadget can be a life saver. When saving your work on your laptop, it is encouraged to back the information up on an external hard drive. This is done as an precaution should their laptop crash or get stolen. Hard drives are also useful for students who do not have a personal printer, who will need to access a public library printing service. There they can plug in their external device and print their off work. Here on the market, Kirk Office Equipment is selling 500GB memory hard drives at $159, and 1TB memory hard drives at $298. Although an external hard drive is a bit pricey, you have to think of it is an investment. Many students having spent hours re-writing their work end up kicking themselves for not investing in one.

ICCI will also be expanding, this September, with a new business building that will include modern teaching tools such a smart board, projector and laptop.

“Using a smart board in the classroom provides instructors with a modern interactive tool, which combines the power of a computer with the simplicity of a white board similar to CNN’s magic map used by John King. Students also have an opportunity to use a smart board for their class presentations and, in the process, help them stay up-to-date with 21st century business tools,” Dr. Husemann said.

A wireless network is also installed and can be accessed around the entire campus. This allows students to use laptops and tablets, such as iPads, to do email, assignments or plug into the Internet for multimedia presentations for classes.