Start smart with learning centres

From grade school to college, students can find themselves stuck when it comes to particular areas of study.

If parents have noticed any negative changes in their child’s academic grades, they may want to consider a tutoring program.

“There are a number of ways a parent can determine their child may benefit from additional learning support,” said Carrie Patrauela, educational director of Cayman Learning Centre.

Signs to watch out for:

Poor school reports, test results;

Child’s teacher outlines certain areas for improvement/concern;

Child does not seem motivated to attend school/do homework;

Child does not communicate to parents what his/her school day was like;

Child communicates that he/she is having difficulty with certain subjects or does not like certain subjects;

Child does not seem confident, does not raise hand to answer questions or participate in class.

Both Sylvan Learning Centre and the Cayman Learning Centre tailor towards students in need of tutoring.

“We offer all students that attend the Cayman Learning Centre a safe, nurturing academic environment and all of the learning tools necessary to build their confidence and achieve their full potential in their academic career,” Ms Patrauela said.

Cheryl-Ann Edwards, director at Sylvan Learning Centre said, “A good personal instructor will inspire and help students at all levels of academic accomplishment, develop study habits and organisational skills that will result in significantly improved schoolwork and test scores.”

When to send your child

If you are considering sending your child to tutoring the final decision for enrolling your child in a Learning Centre rests with you. Ms Patrauela said, “In order to make an appropriate decision, a parent should monitor the child’s progress and engage in discussions with the child’s school teacher on a regular basis. If a parent feels that his/ her child is not reaching their full potential, it is suggested that they seek help immediately before their concerns become larger.”

Ms Edwards said, “Taking the time to consider whether to hire supplemental assistance means parents are giving their children an opportunity to excel in the classroom – from the very first day of school.”

What the programs offer

Cayman Learning Centre is available to a range of ages; “Cayman Leaning Centre caters to children from the age of 3 through and including high school,” Ms Patrauela said.

There are three programs available to students; the first is the Building Blocks morning program. This is for 3 to 5-year-olds who are not full-time students. The program focuses on early letter and number skills along with motor skills development.

The second program, Core Learning, runs hourly after school for students enrolled in Year One through high school. The last program is an intensive reading and writing program for students diagnosed with dyslexia. The main focus of the centre is mathematics and literacy. Ms Patrauela has also observed, while working at the centre, a correlation between the children who perform well in core subjects with a tendency to perform well in other subjects. Additional study support technique skills are also offered at the centre.

“In a nutshell, our approach teaches children how to learn at their own pace, build confidence in their abilities, learn how to set goals, reach for them and exceed them,” said Carrie Patrauela, educational director of the Cayman Learning Centre.

Sylvan Learning Centre welcomes students of all ages and skill levels from children 9 months up to adults.

“Sylvan learning centre is unique as it bases its instructional services on a proven process and the mastery learning concept. It starts with a Sylvan Skills Assessment, which identifies the child’s personal skill gaps,” Ms Edwards said. “Personal instructors work with students by reinforcing their existing skills and until new skills are learned.

“We also build confidence in students by offering rewards for performance and attitude. As a result, the child’s level of self-esteem begins to grow, which helps build confidence in overall learning,” Ms Edwards said.

Sylvan has certified personal instructors who teach individual lessons in reading, writing, mathematics and study skills. For high school students, Sylvan offers SAT prep and test-prep for school exams including chemistry, biology, CXC mathematics and IGCSE Mathematics.

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