Parent frustrated with school officials

Can someone please explain to me, why the Department of Education is unable to tell me when children who are starting school for the first time should attend? It is just a few days before all schools are open, (that fact they were able to say, which is Tuesday, 30 August), so surely they should also know when orientation should be for new students, at least you would think so, right? Well you thought wrong, as did I.

I called and the receptionist told me that she did not know and I should contact the school. I informed her I had tried to contact the school and was unable to reach anyone, but she insisted someone should be there and to call again.

I called three times after I spoke to her and still was unable to reach anyone, so I called back and informed her of this and she insisted, “Well darling nobody tell me nothing, so I don’t know” and I replied “Surely, someone within the Education Department should know this information, may I please speak with someone else?” Her response, “Well I’m telling you that I don’t know but I will transfer you to someone else” and so she did.

To my despair, that person echoed the same thing; they were not able to tell me what date my child should go to school or if there would even be an orientation at his school and was told once again to continue calling the school.

In hopes of finding an answer, I logged unto the department’s website to check the school calendar (as I know that they are responsible for creating this), but much to my surprise that was not updated either. To be honest it is a bit alarming, and despite the harsh things that are said about government schools and the Department of Education alike these days, I have always been a strong defendant; having been a product of the government school system my whole school life and having received an excellent education. However, if the department responsible for the standards and regulations does not have a clue, with regards to something as important as the date when a new student should attend school, it leaves you to wonder; what else don’t they know?

I just wanted to share my experience and hope that the Education Department will make a conscious effort to improve this.

I do not wish to deny their hard work and continued efforts to improve our school system and acknowledge the fact that they play a very important role in our society.

Christina McLean

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