Ten declare war on weight

Ten contestants stepped up to the plate last week to become competitors in this year’s War on Weight contest.

The Cayman Heart Fund launched its fourth annual War on Weight competition on 18 August at the Black Trumpet restaurant in Camana Bay.

This year’s contestants are Tiffany Donnegan, Mariza Bennett, Lakiva Ebanks-Reid, Ruth Grizzel, Olivia Ebanks, Ileea Moore, Ian Yearwood, Jhaklin Cano Reeves, Amy Archer and Tunisia Barnes.

Since the War on Weight programme began in 2008, 30 contestants have lost more than 800 pounds between them.

Among those who will be working with the contestants to help them reach their goals of losing weight and embracing a healthier lifestyle during the 16-week challenge are Body Sculptor, Cayman Active, The Heart Health Centre, Seven Mile Clinic and Fab…for Life.

Ernest Ebanks from Body Sculptor told the contestants what they could expect from their upcoming boot-camp workouts, Cayman Heart Fund chairman David Dinner offered words of encouragement and War on Weight chair Cheyenna Stewart spoke about the requirements of the programme and all the aspects involved in achieving overall success from the programme.

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