Byles elected 
JA president

Paul Byles, who has served on the board of Junior Achievement for the past few years and is past president of Rotary Central, has been elected president of Junior Achievement.

“This year marks 20 years of successful contribution to our youth. We will be proudly marking our achievements and inviting parents, JA alumni, former advisers and board members, volunteers, companies and individuals who have sponsored and participated in the JA program and the wider community to join us as we celebrate one of the most successful youth initiatives in this country over the past two decades,” Mr. Byles said.

Mr. Byles also acknowledged the contributions of immediate past president Pat Randall, who will continue as JA’s vice president this year.

“Pat has not only served as an excellent president over the past few years, but he has been an instrumental member of the JA board since its inception,” Mr. Byles said.

JA recently held a strategic retreat to identify ways to improve the programme and solidify its success for the future for Cayman’s youth.

Mr. Byles said that “funding for JA remains its biggest challenge and that the board plans a significant outreach to the community to secure funding for its strategic plans going forward.”

JA said it is revamping its sponsorship programme and will announce changes soon.

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