Two-party system divisive

Expert insight on the market, the country’s economy, excess spending, political party loyalty that excludes loyalty to the people is always welcomed by all those that mean our country well.

The former MLA’s letter of saying no to independence is a reminder to the people of the Cayman Islands that should be greatly appreciated. However, while the former leader of government business and former MLA from East End’s expanded coverage of how the PPM spent the country’s money is a topic that is lawful but at this time in our history, not at all an expedient one.

Life for the people of the Cayman Islands in this hour of our history has travelled at least two years beyond what the PPM did or did not do. Crime is on the upsurge, two young women of colour, both within childbearing age, have been missing almost within a space of six months. I sense no concern nor sympathy coming from these two former legislative members for the victims or their families. I am very disappointed, as I expected better of these two leaders.

The country’s premier is the subject of a criminal investigation. Again, I hear no expression of disapproval on any kind of misconduct of the premier expressed by these two former lawmakers in any way shape or form. We expect them to stand up as strong men of integrity condemning wrong and condoning what is right.

It is very disheartening that here we have a former leader of government business, one of which is a lawmaker and bank director, who should have been proud as a former leader to even lead the delegation or be a part of the delegation to the UK seeking the constitution of the Cayman Islands. The document was open for nationwide consultation in the Cayman Islands allowing every Tom, Dick and Harry to voice his input, so no one is licensed to blame anyone for the outcome. Where was Mr. Bodden and Mr. McLean; still pouting over the results of the 2000 elections? Here are some words of encouragement and comfort: Losing an election does not mean you have lost the fight. I also lost the election in 2000 as I was a civil servant, did not have the funds necessary nor the required time to run a reasonable lengthy campaign. Some say that had I come out a little earlier I would have won. I resigned my civil servant’s job in October 2000 and the election was in November 2001. I took a big risk and cut my losses, but since that time I have not given up and I am not afraid to get into the ring with the heavyweights. These experiences can enhance one’s growth and create champions, teaching them how to fight. Mr. Bodden you were the ideal candidate looking at the highest winnings in 2009 elections, instead you chose to back out or not run at all. You appeared not to be concerned about your country, only yourself. Despite our great respect for you in forewarning the people against independence, take note that you’re not the only politician that is against the very idea or concept of independence. You are not alone. I myself would like to see the party system diminished as it has divided families, friends and even churches. However, you and Mr. John McLean seem to purposely turn your back on our people in not condemning the UDP’s cold blooded manner in which they govern the country; namely our people are jobless and homeless, due to the thousands of wok permits being sold to employers in exchange for the almighty dollar. We have not heard one word coming from you of condemnation for this injustice against our people. Our educated and degreed Caymanians with extensive experience have not been able to get employment not because they are unemployable as the estranged Minister for Education Mr. Rolston Anglin has cited, but only because they are Caymanian they have been blacklisted and targeted for unemployment. This is very insensitive of you to overlook the most important needs of the people of the Cayman Islands at this time in our history. This speaks volumes whether you are selfish or unselfish, and whether you are just simply supporting a government that does not work for the people of the Cayman Islands and it matters little to you whether this UDP government does right or wrong. This is of no importance to you.

Mr. Truman Bodden and John McLean quoted: The United Kingdom appears to have stopped borrowings for new projects, thank the Lord. It is a pity the UK did not stop the PPM Government’s earlier borrowings, which would have made Cayman much better off financially today. The UK’s enforcement of responsible financial management is in the best interest of the Cayman Islands and its people and responsible government. There are some who disagree with Cayman’s dependent status but this control over irresponsible government spending and our prosperity and stability shows how important the UK is to Cayman and its people. If we were an independent country, the Government could do as it wished. It would probably never return to responsible financial management. Most Caribbean countries became independent because the politicians did not want to be answerable to the UK or anyone else who would keep them financially responsible and honest. Political independence has been a financial and social disaster for many Caribbean countries. The new constitution promoted by the PPM and the Cayman Ministers Association among others, has taken Cayman in one big leap (rather than three sensible timely steps, which is usual) about as far as responsible government can go. Sadly the next major political advancement will mean independence and financial and social disaster as seen in nearly every other independent country especially in the Caribbean. Do not let the political parties or politicians lead or push Cayman into independence as they did earlier with political parties, which parties have proven to be detrimental and divisive in some ways to the Caymanian people and even some families.

Mr. Bodden and Mr. McLean, this is not news to anyone of us and many thanks for the reminder; but in the meantime when are you going to engage in the discussion of creating jobs for our people, calling into questioning RCIP leadership about its ability to solve crimes in the Cayman Islands and condemning corruption in government? These are the important issues facing our people.

Florence Goring-Nozza

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