We all have political ideals

The 4.30 to 6pm radio talk show on radio Cayman, which I am hosting with Mrs. Lorna Bush is now the PPM and (independent or not so independent opposition) new points of political attack.

And perhaps they have good reasons to be concerned about our radio show, Community Voices,because so many people expressed support for my ideas when I was allowed to speak on the Roster morning show. Had the hosts of that show not shown so much lack of understanding of intelligent debate while elevating venting and rabble rousing then Community Voices may never had become necessary or possible.

Politically, the country small as it is, is politically divided. This division may simply be because there are would-be politicians, members of a political party as well as an independent opposition member of the Legislative Assembly seeking power and influence. The attacks against me are that I seem to support the policies of the present government and the efforts of the Premier to re-energize our faltering economy. Certainly the media should be balanced but tell me please now to balance a scale if there is no substance on one side of the scale.

My co-host has asked the opposition many times what are their plans for the Caymanian people other than ridding them of their present leadership. Fine if this is their only interest explainable at present but then I am not impressed; I want substance.

Last Thursday I and Lorna spoke to a young gentleman who is with the Education Ministry. His job is to try to achieve collaboration between the different ministries. This was a policy I attempted to institute when I was in government and I was saddened that the PPM did nothing during their four years’ tenure to move forward our social repair efforts. Housing for families is important even if they are not the best houses in the world. And imperfect homes are better than no homes. Thank God that the PPM only lasted four years.

Those homes built by the UDP under my watch provided accommodation for many of our people after Hurricane Ivan and also outlasted the PPM regime.

Now that the UDP government is back, homes are again being built because the same person that has been pushing for houses for many years is still pushing for homes for the not so well off people in these islands.

Guess who that person is? Mack!

So most of the respect I have for the Premier comes from my recognition of all he has done for the poor in these Islands over the years. Point to one social benefit that he did not advance, so perhaps to help the poor one should not run away the rich. Perhaps there are those of us who know and accept where we come from and we still hear the voices of our community.

Knowing who we are is political. It formulates our political values and the style of our politics. Tell me who you believe yourself to be and I can tell you your politics.

I know my values but I can respect those of other people.

Community Voices is therefore open to all; so let this letter also serve as an open invitation to persons of any political persuasion. I can learn something and maybe even teach something to an individual regardless of the position they occupy on the political spectrum.

Frank McField


  1. When you build low-cost housing, ostensibly to help the poor, and the houses have to be demolished long before the mortgage is paid off, that is not an achievement to be lauded.

    I sincerely doubt that the people who have nothing but sad memories left from that housing initiative will remember your achievements as fondly as you do.

    To say that the houses outlasted the PPM regime is rubbing salt in the wounds of those who lost both money and shelter on that sub-standard development.

  2. Dr. Frank wrote a letter to the editor back in January 2010 that has relevance to his letter of 31August 2011. In that letter Dr. McField said this:

    It may be true that during this last election not all persons that got or were promised favours were approached directly by candidates, but their committee members and other professionals seeking future positions of influence on boards if their party won, did a lot of promising and influencing. It is not just politicians that are corrupt; many of our voters by making their support dependent on what they or family members can achieve by sitting on boards and having other kind of benefits and influence are also weakening our democracy.
    Caymanians will not be able to have completely honest politicians so long as they forget the corrupt and corruptible that handle them.
    Frank McField

    Based on the above, I have one question to ask Dr. McField.

    Who is paying you to be on the talk show?

  3. Tom M

    Did you read my comments when Dr. McField wrote his long-winded, convuluted letters about the Eastern districts, their political oppostion to ‘economic progress, the ‘church as a source of social and political change’ and his support for the East End port project ?

    No one should have needed a crystal ball to predict that he would again be on the UDP’s payroll in some capacity in preparation for political party candidacy for the next elections…

    Power is a very addictive thing and our good Doctor Frank is very addicted to it.

    He has found it unattainable outside the UDP party ranks and so must return to the fold; what odds will you give me on Dr. Frank McField being a UDP candidate for George Town in the next elections ?

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