CUC robbed

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Gunmen reportedly robbed Caribbean Utilities Company on North Sound Way in Grand Cayman on Friday in broad daylight.

 According to Department of Marine Officers, who cordoned of a section of the street, they received a call stating that CUC had been robbed “close to 3ish,” after which they raced to the area to block off the road.

The Marine Department Officers said they had no further information. Royal Cayman Islands Police Service Officers arrived on the scene shortly after the press and had no information to offer at the time.

Enquiries are ongoing.

CUC Robbery

Dennie Warren Jr.

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  1. Ok Mr. Baines. Your on the hook for this response by your staff. Now your response is being watched. Those responsible for this are laughing at you but the good people of this wonderful Island are not.

  2. Did the robbers escape by sea? How is it that the marine cops get to the scene before the RCIPS? Do they have faster cars? Are they located closer to CUC then the RCIPS? What is going on in Cayman these days? Looks like the criminals are in charge!!!

  3. Game on. These guys are in your face and having a good show of it. The solution is simple, add 50 undercover armed persons spread out over the island that will shoot first and ask questions later. Duh…
    Get with it Government, carry a big stick or you are going to lose your ex-pats fast. Oops, I forgot, you want us hard working folks off-island anyway. Game on is working and working well as we are about to exit this incompetent isle.

  4. @ Banana R.
    You admit there are problems. The definition of incompetent is inadequate. And that sums up our security force here. When we can’t go where we used to venture out to without a care in the world defines an island we wish to part with. Get it, got it, gone.

  5. RCIPS cannot deal with the crime spree — its totally out of control. You need experts from the USA or Canada brought down to put an end to this once and for all. RCIPS try their best, but they just are way out of their league. Start offering large rewards for the capture of these criminals. Their friends will turn them in for money.