Couple marries in unique way

The Cayman Islands is often called one of the most romantic places on earth, but it’s always nice to be reminded why. 

Martin Crumbley and Christy Wolcott of Georgia have become the latest tourists to prove that point during a recent dive to the Oro Verde. 

Unbeknown to Ms. Wolcott, a treasure chest had been planted on the bottom, complete with gold coins and a very special treasure inside – a diamond ring that Mr. Crumbley, with the help of Foster’s dive instructors Jonny and Andy had placed in there along with a wedding proposal.  

And thankfully, Ms. Wolcott said ‘yes’ to the proposal. 

“This will never be forgotten by either of us” said Mr. Crumbley. 

Underwater engagement

Treasured moments. – Photo: Supplied

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