Crime and violence must be stopped

How many more young people must die before you all wake up to what is really going on?

When you were told that gangs were being formed in the Cayman Islands, you all said ‘oh no, there are no gangs in our little island’. Once again I ask the leadership to take notice of my letter that read what will happen next in Cayman. It explained very well what would happen to the young men and women in Cayman, also about the downward spiral of our Island because of crime out of control.

Our leaders need to take time to notice what is going on around them. If they think that giving away the little money we have to buy police new cars and put more police on the payroll is the answer, once again they are wrong. Please take a good look at the murder time frame from the time Anna disappeared until now and see that police are not the answer to this.

Maybe if we spend more money on the children and the old and help all the others in the middle to live better instead of wasting and giving away our money, we might save the people that are in the middle to become old and the young people might stand a chance to make it to replace us as old people one day. The way it is now going, the young people are dying and will not make it to become parents. Once again the message was sent in a letter that stated Caymanian young people are dying much too young.

Be careful Cayman. Not only are you running away the tourists from one of the areas that they go on tours when they visit Cayman, but we are also running them away from Cayman. We must try our very best to take better care of our Island and its people. No one from the outside world can help us like we can help ourselves if we really want to.

We have people here that love to hear Caymanians are being shot by one another and by others. If a stop is not put to it, then you can, in the near future, expect civil unrest. That road closing idea on the West Bay Road; that is a very bad idea. The people in Bodden Town stand with all the people in West Bay that do not want to see that road change.

At this time I am asking for calm although in these times it is hard. Take time out to be your brothers’ keeper and try and stop the violence in Cayman.

Emile S. Levy


  1. For once I agree with Mr. Levy.

    99% of Caymanian parents are good, decent law-abiding people. Just like 99% of ex-pat parents.

    Parents who only want the best for their children and will nurture them with love.

    Sadly a small number of parents seem to have lost control of/ or have no interest in their children.

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