Editorial for 5 October: Heroes send out a message


We can’t echo Justice Richard Williams’
sentiments concerning heroes in our midst enough.

Kudos to Charles Ebanks and Edward Azan who
helped capture two masked teens as they attempted to steal money from a
business at Grand Harbour shopping complex earlier this year in May. 

But we would be in error to omit the fact
that there were others; chiefly another young man who was on hand to help in
the apprehension. Ray MacGuire, head chef at Hurley’s Supermarket, was also a
hero on 2 May. 

All three were recognised as heroes in a
full page, colour advertisement in the 6 May edition of the Caymanian Compass
when Blackbeard’s recognised them. “Blackbeard’s joins the people of the Cayman
Islands to salute your extraordinary bravery. Together we can defeat the
scourge of crime in our community. Please be safe.” 

How true those words were then and still

The actions of those three men that day
showed that the good citizens of the Cayman Islands are fed up with the crime
on our shores. 

They all risked life and limb to thwart
crime generated by teen-age punks. 

Like the Justice we are not urging others
in our community to become heroes by putting themselves in harm’s way, but we
do hope that those who would employ their nefarious ways for ill-gotten gains
will realise that there are those among us who will retaliate and hold them
down until the police do indeed arrive. 

People should feel safe to go their jobs in
businesses and shops in the Cayman Islands and customers should feel just at
ease in their efforts to keep commerce alive and well here. 

These two thugs tried to hit Blackbeard’s
at Grand Harbour around 3pm. That area is buzzing with activity at that time of
day as parents pick up their children from nearby schools and stop by the
shopping centre to buy necessities. 

It is by the grace of God that no one was
hurt or killed in this incident. 

Thank you Mr. Ebanks, Mr. Azan and Mr.
MacGuire for your bravery and success in helping bring these two to justice. 

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