Editorial for 13 October: Seeking out possible writers


The deadline for students to enter their winning essays for the
Caymanian Compass “Be a Journalist for the Day” competition is fast

And we hope we get a lot of submissions.

In today’s paper on Page 8 you can read about the journey Cayman Free
Press journalist Norma Connolly took to wind up in the Cayman Islands as a
reporter here.

Through this competition we want to give the students of Cayman a
chance to see how a real newsroom works and how we gather the news on the
Islands. It is our desire to work with schools and get students to read the
Compass and be aware of what is happening around them and how things can effect
them not only in Cayman, but around the world.

Students ages 13-17 from all three Islands are invited to participate.

Students must either write a 300- to 400-word article on a local topic
or shoot a 30-second video on a local topic. The exercise is all about how they
convey the information in a clear and interesting way.

Lime has given us two Lenovo netbooks for each winner and the winners
will each spend a day with the editorial staff at the Caymanian Compass, not
only seeing how things are done and produced but writing, making a video and
even reading the news on the radio.

This is all in an effort to help get our young people – especially
young Caymanians – interested in journalism.

We believe if we want to attract young people to journalism, we have to
help grow them through our young people already in school.

We hope the programme is a success and we get lots of submissions.

For details, turn to Page 8 in today’s Caymanian Compass.

This is another way Cayman Free Press, which attracts interns each
summer and has helped put several students through higher education, believes
it can provide community service.

We sincerely hope parents, teachers and the various schools on the
Islands participate.

Remember, the deadline is 23 October.


  1. Compass, keep up your good work in encouraging our students and providing them an opportunity to shine.
    Engage the schools and teachers/educators as much as you can.
    The following is a comment I posted for an article where a teacher submitted hers/his young students opinions.

    Save the Nassau Grouper
    (read it, it’s quite sincere)
    Posted by Banana Republic on 7/20/2011 6:20:27 PM

    Good work kids; I’m proud that you’re standing up for your rights to a better future, your future.
    Do not stop your endeavours for betterment of our islands.
    All school children should be sending in their thoughts and ideas in on a weekly basis.
    You have a voice just like any other adult; let it be heard.
    Congratulations, students in Class 4P at Cayman Prep and High School.

    Hey Editor, here are your next generation of writers, reporters and editors; people who will shape the face of our islands. Approach them and offer them a weekly column to write. Extend this offer to all schools.
    You’ll be doing all of us a whole lot of good.
    Some of us do listen to our youth.

    Open up your challenge to all age groups; even a 5 year old has an opinion, though most of us would disagree, but give them a chance; who knows where the next Nobel Prize winner will come from.
    Compass, good luck in your efforts and don’t ever stop.

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