The patient always comes first

The latest in a continuing series of articles from the Health Service Authority looking at what’s new at the Cayman Islands Hospital.

Always focused on the goal of becoming a medical centre of excellence, the Health Services Authority recently took several notable steps to keep it at the forefront of modern health care delivery.

The philosophy behind the latest moves is to improve every aspect of the services that the HSA provides and ensure that the people of the Cayman Islands benefit from each enhancement.

Health Services Authority CEO Lizzette Yearwood explained that any improvement the authority initiates is looked at from the perspective of enhancing patient care: “The HSA is constantly striving to bring in the best technology and personnel but everything we do must result in the best possible experience for any patient who walks through our doors. We never lose sight of this vital objective.”

With that goal in mind, the authority is embracing two specific health care-related technologies.

A project with Cerner, which provides the electronic medical record system that the Cayman Islands Hospital uses and the British Medical Journal, has the potential to create the most up-to-date treatment and education system available.

The British Medical Journal employs 1,300 physicians and knowledge engineers to sift through 7,000 peer-reviewed medical journals and 20 million articles per year, and then summarise that information on the journal’s Clinical Evidence website. This resource will be made available to Cayman Islands Health Services Authority staff who will be able to search, read and study these articles.

This project will also significantly improve the vital exchange of information between doctor and patient. Physicians will be able to review the latest evidence, discuss and share the contents of these websites, access and print educational leaflets for their patients, enabling them to better understand and manage their own care.

In addition, the Health Services Authority and CINICO are collaborating on implementing a verification and adjudication system that will enable almost immediate authentication of a patient’s insurance benefits and remaining coverage.

This real-time adjudication and eligibility verification system, known as CarePay, not only simplifies the payment process for treatment at the Health Services Authority, but also eliminates any potential confusion regarding the amount to be billed.

Every CINICO patient will be issued with a swipe card containing insurance information. The card will be used to verify coverage before medical care is received and then confirm the amount to be paid by the carrier after treatment.

The Health Services Authority is also boosting service on a more personal level. Part of the mandate to improve health care capabilities is to seek out the best medical personnel. Towards that end, the Health Services Authority recently recruited an internationally recognised neurosurgeon, Dr. Lowell Stanley. Patients who previously had to be referred to medical facilities overseas are now able to be examined and undergo surgery at the Cayman Islands Hospital.

With the assistance of the Caring for Life Foundation and donations from the Aall Foundation, the Cayman Islands Hospital has purchased the required specialist equipment that is vital to the neurosurgeon’s work.

Dr. Stanley, who brings with him years of experience and skill, is able to perform state-of-the-art minimally invasive spine surgery at the hospital. In addition, he covers the Accident and Emergency Department for neurosurgical cases and sees adult and paediatric patients in his clinic. Dr. Stanley and the surgeons at the Health Services Authority will be performing surgeries in upgraded operating rooms at the hospital. An extensive renovation programme, which will result in three completely, refurbished operating rooms and the addition of a fourth operating room will be completed later this year.

“The upgrading of our operating theatres, the addition of Dr. Lowell Stanley, the use of technologically advanced resources such as the British Medical Journal and implementation of the CarePay system are all accomplishments that will be of lasting benefit to the people of the Cayman Islands,” Ms Yearwood said. “I look forward to announcing more initiatives in the HSA’s quest to provide health care that will rival medical facilities anywhere in the world.”


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