Joanne will star

After a one-year hiatus, corporate basketball is making a return on the Cayman Islands sports scene.

The Department of Sports heads up the 2011 Corporate Basketball League. Put on with help from the Cayman Islands Basketball Association, the co-ed competition started back this week with a number of games.

Director of Sports Collin Anglin states the league will see a number of changes this year.

“Last year was the first time we didn’t get to run the league since 2003,” Anglin said. “People were upset with me because of that. But now the enthusiasm has been built up. We have 10 teams this year with games being outdoors twice a week.

“It will be a fairly long season with the goal to finish by 14 December. The semi-final and final stage should be done before Christmas (roughly 19 December). I will be playing on the Department of Sports team along with Coach Victor ‘Voot’ O’Garro.

“We’ve won the championship six years or basically every year except one. We’re the defending champions and everyone is coming to take us down. However 95 per cent of the team is overweight so I don’t know about our chances.”

Challenging the Department will be Caledonian Bank, Deloitte, Ernst and Young, KPMG, Maples Fiduciary Services, Royal Bank of Canada Lions, Sunrise Community Church, UBS and Walkers Wildcats. A number of those companies are no strangers to the competition over the years such as Maples and Walkers.

In addition many top local players will be competing in Curtis Wilson (Ernst and Young), Adam Milburn (Royal Bank), Joanne Remillard (UBS) and Horace Walters (Walkers).

The first games of the season took place on Wednesday and Thursday. The basketball association court off Eastern Avenue sees more league matches next Monday and Wednesday. Contests will run from 6pm until about 9.30pm featuring all 10 sides playing one game each.

Anglin states the corporate league has importance not just for basketball but all sports in general.

“For any sport, a corporate league has a special function. It will attract some people who play regularly and others who want to play regularly. Companies see it as a relation-building exercise as it takes employees out of the office environment. It also builds up camaraderie and employee health as it is a positive physical activity.

“I’d also say it makes more productive employees. It helps them to build business relationships and perform better in the workplace.”

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