Invest time with children

I would like to express my concerns to the general public, businesses, parents and our leaders.

Recently we have all shared or grieved in many ways about gangs, crime and unemployment issues that most of our young youths are facing today. Perhaps we should look carefully at trying to solve the problematic issues facing us instead of blaming the Governor’s office and RCIPS. There are many ways we can control our young children and many ways we can help them achieve their goals. As parents, we are responsible for the welfare and safety of our children and over the years, I have seen huge erosions in family values, respect and up-bringing.

If we let our children loose on the streets at ages 8, 9, 10, etc., they are bound to get guidance from a criminal element whose territory is the streets. The lack of vision by our leaders to get programmes and activities in place for our youths and to assist them in job placements are some major factors as to why our young Caymanian men and women are turning to violence to survive.

Many of our youths are smart and well educated and are having difficult times getting a job after high school and college. We have yet to build a trade school and yet to finish one of the many high schools. Times are hard on government to find the necessary assets and financing to produce action programmes that could eventually curb the stump the root of young juveniles drifting to gang activities.

Our people should come first, regardless of those few that have a difference in opinion. We have not paid attention to our children and now we are suffering from it. Does it take violence from our young generation for us to pay them attention?

Society has taken a different approach in rearing our children and it is more like I don’t care attitude. If I don’t have faith in my neighbour’s child, then I don’t have faith in my neighbour. We just don’t care anymore, and when we don’t we are faced with the consequences of drugs, murders and gangs. If our leaders don’t care about our children, then the equation will show they don’t care about the people.

The same young people we are not helping are the same ones that will be leaders after we are gone. We have to step up to the plate, stop talking, stop criticising and put some love, time and investment into our children.

Vincent Frederick

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