Editorial for 28 November: Finally, the facts on immigration

It has long been the editorial position of the Caymanian Compass that
successive governments were attempting to fix a problem with the Cayman Islands
immigration system without first understanding it fully and, second, educating
the public about what they were trying to accomplish. 

Two developments within the past few days have changed this situation
significantly, in our view.

The first was the Immigration Department’s release Friday of a raft of
data regarding work permits, immigration boards and key employee status
applications – 53 pages of charts and information, no less.

The second is the information contained in our front page story Monday
(today) regarding permanent residence grants over the past three years, which
we obtained through the country’s Freedom of Information Law.

We have tried in our story and will try with successive stories later
this week, to present the information contained in both of these reports as
precisely and as completely as possible. We are also including copies of the permanent
residence information on our website www.caycompass.com so that everyone may
review it. (Please click here to do so.) The 53-page immigration report has already been made available by
the government.

There will be even more information coming out in subsequent reports
from the Immigration Department, we are made to understand. This step, as well
as the previous releases, can only be met with a standing ovation on our part
directed toward both the chief immigration officer and the government Portfolio
of Internal and External Affairs.

Finally, after years of prodding, poking and pushing; it seems someone
finally gets it.

To form a view regarding this all-important immigration debate in the
Cayman Islands, one must first have all the facts available. What policymakers
and the general public do with such information afterward is up to them.

However, in our view, Cayman’s government should be applauded for
taking the first steps toward solving this or any problem; namely, putting all
the facts available on the table.



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