Second arrest in Customs drug case

A second officer with the Cayman Islands Customs Department has been arrested in connection with an ongoing cocaine exportation investigation, according to information provided to the Caymanian Compass.

Customs Collector Carlon Powery confirmed the arrest Thursday, stating that the second officer was “concerned in the exportation of cocaine through the Owen Roberts International Airport”.

The text of an email sent to Mr. Powery by Assistant Customs Collector Trevor Williams indicated: “The Customs officer [who was arrested recently] is not Bruce Powery who has been on suspension since this investigation began. The case file will be turned over to the legal department for an official ruling.”

Bruce Powery was placed on leave last year while local and United Kingdom authorities investigated the drug case. He has remained on leave since.

Customs Officer Bruce Powery has not been charged with a crime or accused of any administrative wrong-doing, but he was placed on paid leave from HM Customs in late September for 30 days. His name was only released by the Compass because he was identified in the email from Mr. Williams.

The allegations against Bruce Powery relate to an incident earlier this year at a UK airport where three men were arrested on suspicion of cocaine possession, Mr. Powery said.

The three men were all believed to be from the Cayman Islands, although UK authorities have released no information on the case and attempts to contact the relevant authorities in England have proved fruitless.

Collector Carlon Powery said he had been provided with little information as the allegations against the suspended customs officer.

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service previously said that it is aware of the UK investigation and is working with authorities there on the case.


  1. Compass this is a weird report. Not on your part though, but Customs is not forthwith.

    Why would Mr. Calron Powery the Customs Collector insist on informing the public that it was NOT Bruce Powery that was arrsted, although he was put on leave since Septembr 30th.


    i am convinced that customs our Port of Entry is a haven for the importation of narcotics as no on seems to be putting the camera on these civil servants.

    Mr. Powery you must do better.

  2. Vietnam

    Let me re-word that for you…and call a spade a spade.

    No one…and I mean, no one, has been willing to admit the corruption that has existed and still exists within the rank and file of Cayman’s…

    Custom, Immigration, Police and Prison services for the last 30 odd years…

    And, many have gone to Northward Prison for either reporting it…or saying it on the streets of Cayman.

    There….I’ve said it !

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