Give groupers a chance to spawn

Letter to Minister Mark Scotland

I am writing because I would like the ban on fishing at grouper spawning aggregation sites to be extended. I understand that the fishermen want to catch groupers a lot because they are popular fish to catch and you can make money off of it. I disagree with that because they can catch other fish in the sea; not just groupers.

Everybody knows that the grouper is important to our environment. We also know that baby groupers mature at eight years old. I feel we should ban for eight years more because this gives the fish a chance to grow. If the fishermen keep fishing them out, then there will be no more groupers. The reason why I want to keep the groupers alive and extend the ban for eight years is because the babies are mature at eight years old and this means they can have babies and if the population grows bigger, then perhaps we can fish these in the future when there are lots. Furthermore, the reason why I want Groupers to stay alive is because they are wonderful creatures of the Earth and should not be extinct.

Wyatt Bodden

Year 6

Cayman Prep

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