Stop Cayman’s artificial growth

A recent article regarding the child abuse or physical abuse of a teen by an adult in the UK really has stirred me up to take a closer look at where the Cayman Islands is really headed.

Government’s duty to the people now is to begin to think comprehensively and not continue this spiral of over-development of the Cayman Islands.

The continued abuse of swapping Cayman’s crown land, which is the people’s land, and extensive over-development of our little Islands must come to an end very soon. Alternative plans for developing other types of businesses besides selling real estate and selling apartments that must be occupied by people who are employed should be pursued. This roller coaster way of government doing business is nothing but a scheme to import not only labour to continue over building and construction buildings that seems to be a scheme based on greed supported by a government that lacks vision and comprehensive planning skills.

Today, more Caymanians are out of work and more are working harder for less. Many of them have lost their homes or are struggling to pay the mortgage note. Some are watching their home values plummet. Many of our people, expatriates and Caymanians, have cars they have to pay for and tuition that’s beyond their reach.

These challenges are not all of government’s making. But the failure to respond is a direct result of broken politics in the Cayman Islands and the failed policies of the past and elected government of the day.

As we are all aware, we already have 60,000 people here in the Cayman Islands, let us be satisfied with those numbers and begin to make life more comfortable and successful for everyone to progress, including Caymanians and expatriates living and working here. Why overcrowd the Island with development by people like this man who some child advocates believe should only be welcomed at the door of our ports of entry, greeted at the end of a double-barrel shotgun. They feel passionate about the manner in which his kind should be greeted since he is a child beater and a physical abuser.

Our premier, Cabinet and work permit board must understand that 60,000 people at this time in our history is a large enough base to build and organise a Cayman Islands that we can be proud of. I’m sure those people among us will live and work in Cayman, marry, reproduce, multiply, having children and grand children. There is absolutely no need to speed up the process by engaging in a synthetic substitute for normal growth in pursuing an accelerated plan to overcrowd the country causing much social discomfort and economic burden on our physical infrastructure. Diminishing the quality of life for a population of only 60,000 people already here is a result of ignorance and lack of comprehensive planning and neglect on the part of our leaders being totally insensitive to the needs of the people. Taking a lesson from a page from President Barack Obama in his 2008 acceptance speech, the Cayman Islands Government’s motto should read that “We are more compassionate than a government that lets our people sleep on our streets and families slide into poverty.” It’s time Cayman politicians begin to understand what partnering for progress and prosperity for the people of the Cayman Islands is really all about.

Florence Goring-Nozza


  1. Ms. Goring-Nozza

    If it were not for people like yourself, standing on the walls, guarding the gate…the innocent citizens inside the castle would be sore at risk and left without a protector and guardian.

    If you did not point out exactly who this so-called millionaire, who has now been declared bankrupt and been convicted as a child abuser and criminal in the United Kingdom is, do you believe that the average Caymanian citizen would have a clue about who their beloved politicians have been doing and planning to do business with and who would be moving and rubbing shoulders amongst them ?

    There is another major scandal brewing in regards to the Olympus company in Japan which has not yet hit the media sources in Cayman in any major way but if you knew the full story, you will again hang your head in shame; I will say less until the story breaks or you can Google it yourself and you will get a clear idea why it has not yet beeb reported in Cayman in any major way.

    Suffice it to say, this matter is now under the investigation of the FBI and the financial crime authorities in both Japan and Britain and the Cayman Islands will soon again be the focus of some very negative international scrutiny.

    You have repeated what I have suggested for years now…accept the people that we know and can trust and build Cayman’s population the natural way but…

    That this way does not line the pockets of the politicians and their cronies and creates instant, overnight millionaires, does it ?

  2. Firey,
    As always Cayman needs brains like yours. It seems like you have great wisdom and insight that not very many people are blessed with in this 21st century.


    That is a great article.Keep writing.

  3. is there really growth in the population? When I read the latest population figures in the Compass some 9,000 people working here had left. As far as I was aware the population was actually falling, a terribly bad thing to happen for the ecomony in these hard times, particularly when the departing people are the ones being taxed the most by the government. Cayman is less than 20% developed, maybe even only 10% across the 3 islands. Rather than stifle development I belive proper planning is needed to stop overdevelopment in a particular sector and ensure public open space with nice squares, parks and gardens. This can all be provided (at little public cost) through an effective planning system.

  4. Confused

    Yes, it probably can but what Ms. Goring-Nozza is referring to is the develoment purely for profit in certain high-value but also highly saturated areas that are now simply overdeveloped.

    Community and nation-building has to be about more than profit for the few, at the expense of the many and…

    This is the root of much of Cayman’s economic and social problems today.

    There was a time when Cayman had more millionaires per head of the population than any other country in the world but…

    Where are those millionaires today?

    They are either mostly gone, after making their millions or have become thousandaires or even hundredaires…after the bottom fell out of their profit making ventures.

    What Florence is basically saying is that this model for so-called development has to change for the good of all people who depend on Cayman for their life…not just their livlihood and…

    I completely agree with her.

  5. If there is one thing that Florence Goring-Nozza’s letter is saying, between the lines, it is this…

    the social development of Cayman must now take preference over a model of economic development that has reached its peak, gone past it and is now the dinassour in the room.

    Let me show readers on this forum the proof of what she is saying…in my own assessment and words.

    Look no further than the 2 1/2 year performance of Premiere McKeeva Bush’s and his UDP party’s term as the CI Government…what has it revealed ?

    The cold, hard facts ? Here they are…

    A plethora of promises, MOU’s, suggested projects, all based on Cayman’s historical model of development for the rich and trickle-down economics for the poor…that is and has always been McKeeva’s model and when the world’s economy was booming, it worked quite well but…the bottom has dropped out of the world’s economy…this is neither Cayman’s or McKeeva’s fault but…for political mileage…McKeeva must still promise what he, or any other elected CI Govt. can no longer deliver…those days of the entire world’s economy are gone.

    What McKeeva has been forced to deliver is a plan for reality-based economics forced upon him by the UK Govt which reflects the conditions of the entire world’s economy, and this might be for the long-term development of a Cayman that will have to accept that the days of riches and plenty are over…and no further grandiose, unsustainable promises.

    If this current CI Govt. can start even one of its major projects, preferably two out of the three or four that are direly necessary, sustainable and potentially, long-term profitable before it is predictably voted out of power in 2013 and keep Cayman’s current debt ratios within the UK’s limits, it will have done admirably well…leaving the political rhetoric out of the picture.

    McKeeva and the UDP has until 2013 to get these two major projects STARTED and the wrangling over them is the only thing going on right now; nothing more concrete than that.

    What Florence is saying is that for Cayman to thrive and prosper in the current conditions is for Cayman’s politicians to accept this reality and build their development plans acordingly.

    This is only wise advice from people who are actually tuned in to the world, not just the little world of Cayman; we all wish that Cayman’s current crop of politicians were as wise to accept and follow this advice.

  6. These comments are on another, related topic…

    Does anyone in Cayman actually realise what this planned West Bay Road closing and hotel resort project means for Cayman ?

    The ultimate plan here is to create Cayman’s first, exclusive, closed-gate, all-inclusive hotel resort similar to what is found in Ocho Rios and Negril in Jamaica and other Caribbean islands.

    Once that section of the WB Road is closed for general public usage, access to the resort AND BEACH, will be denied to the general public who do not have business with or work at the resort.

    Are Caymanians really going to let McKeeva Bush and Dart take away, through the backdoor…their heritage, the SEVEN MILE BEACH ?

    The only thing that Cayman, as a country, can really call its own…and protected by law for unrestricted access to ALL who live in the Cayman Islands ?

    By closing the road, this will have achieved what many developers and their local political puppets have longed tried and failed…to deny public access to restricted portions of the 7-Mile Beach.

    Negril Beach, in Western Jamaica, is similar in length, though not anywhere near in beauty, to the 7-Mile Beach and is spoiled by fences and barriers belonging to every single hotel resort that owns a piece of that beach…and guarded by security personnell.

    Is this what Caymanians want the 7-Mile Beach to become ?

    Don’t, for one minute, believe any promises made to the contrary by McKeeva Bush and Dart…

    Once that road is closed, this will inevitably happen.

  7. A very thoughtful and well written article and I could not agree more with it. We have lived here for 30 years and seen the island becoming more and more over developed with less and less land, sea, access etc. for residents and born Caymanians. Surely we can stop building for a while!!

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