Crash jams up morning commute

An SUV that slammed into a light pole along the Esterley Tibbetts Highway in George Town overnight ended up causing some major rush hour traffic jams Friday morning which lasted well into the day.

According to Royal Cayman Islands Police, a vehicle that was travelling along the Esterley’s two-lane section near the Lakeside Villas slammed into the pole, knocking it down and causing live electrical wires to fall into the street.

Rescue crews had difficulty reaching the driver initially because of the wiring. He was eventually rescued from the SUV and taken from the scene to hospital where he was given a “check up”, according to police. 

The entire two-lane section of the Esterley was closed down during the morning hours while Caribbean Utilities Companies crews replaced the light pole.

There were reported power outages in the Seven Mile Beach area of Grand Cayman overnight as well as the result of the crash. A CUC spokesperson said power had since been restored.

Royal Cayman Islands Police said the road had fully re-opened as of 1.45pm Friday. 

Drivers along the road way reported the two-lane road was either entirely closed or partially closed all the way from dawn to early afternoon Friday.


  1. It will be interesting to see if alcohol played a part in this or not. I hope Operation Christmas Cracker targets this road. Drivers need to pay closer attention and slow down a bit on this road, especially at night. Otherwise, what a traffic fustercluck we all face in the morning when they close the bypass to clean up the mess! That was a brutal commute today.

  2. Our roads aren’t long enough to say you fell asleep at the wheel and truly expect someone to believe you.

    How do you slam into a electricity pole? Did it just jump out at you?


    Perhaps the driver just wanted some R and R and decided to go off roading, and well darn it to heck, who put the electricity pole in his way.

  3. Agreed! Bad driving is the cause of the crash NOT the road!! If you are a bad driver stay off the road! I see bad driving everywhere in Cayman. Simply put – some people shouldn’t be behind the wheel of a car.

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