More drink drivers nabbed

A man who crashed his car into a pole on Cayman Brac early Saturday morning is among 28 people arrested by police for drink driving since the start of Operation Christmas Cracker. 

The driver was trapped in the car, which caught fire in the crash, and was freed after emergency services smashed his windscreen. He was not seriously injured, but was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and dangerous driving. 

Police said drink drivers they have arrested face hefty fines and losing their licences. Authorities encourage drivers to think about the long-term impact of drink driving before taking the wheel. 

“A conviction for drink driving could cost you much more than losing your licence or a fine,” said Inspector Adrian Barnett. “If you have to drive as part of your job, you may end up losing that job, being unable to pay bills and ultimately you may not be able to pay your mortgage to keep a roof over the head of your family.  

“So, if the thought of injuring or killing yourself, or someone else, is not enough to stop you from getting behind the wheel, think of the long-term financial impact your actions could have on your loved ones,” he said. 

Inspector Barnett said the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service will continue to “aggressively target” drink drivers over the coming weeks with road blocks and random stop checks. 

“So, don’t gamble with your life or your financial security,” he said. “If you plan to drink, designate a driver or take taxi.” 

Police are also urging the public to pass information to their nearest police station about drink drivers. 

Operation Christmas Cracker, the police’s Christmas season safety campaign, kicked off on 28 November and will continue until 4 January. 


  1. These people who are convicted as drunk drivers should be evaluated for being alcoholics as part of the process and receive help as part of their consequence so as to not re offend.

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