Prizes claimed in Christmas fundraiser

Lisa Schirn wins $25,000

The big gate prize at the St. Ignatius Carol Service and Christmas Fundraiser last week went to Lisa Schirn, who received a cheque for CI$25,000 the next day.

A second cash prize of CI$2,500 went to Shelly Leonard, while the third place winner, Edwin Gracias, took home US$2,500. Other prize winners were the tickets sellers – Rembley Reid winning $1,000 for selling the most tickets and Daryn Lansdell wining $500 for selling the second most tickets.

Two sellers got something of a bonus. Event organiser Jeremy Rice was not eligible for any prizes, so the $1,000 he would have won for selling Ms Schirn her grand prize ticket was split between two other sellers. Twyla Southwick sold Ms Leonard’s ticket and Mr. Reid sold the third place ticket to Mr. Gracias.

Five ticket holders won US$300 gift vouchers from Cayman Airways, while two others won restaurant gift certificates.

Winners were being notified by phone in the days after the drawings.

Net proceeds from the fundraiser benefit both the church and school. The church will invest funds toward facilities improvements, as well as community and religious programmes. The school will use the proceeds toward the facilities development fund. 
A portion of the proceeds will also go to the scholarship fund, which provides tuition assistance for families unable to afford full fees.

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