Hospital ‘escapee’ caught

Charlton Ebanks, the 21-year-old man who escaped from police custody at the Cayman Islands hospital in November, has been arrested and is back in lock up.

Royal Cayman Islands Police said Ebanks escaped from his police guard at the hospital just after 7am on 17 November.

Police arrested Ebanks Thursday following a police operation at the Treasure Island Resort on Seven Mile Beach. He was arrested on suspicion of burglary, escaping from police custody and in relation to outstanding warrants.

No details of how Mr. Ebanks was able to leave the hospital in November have been released.

Ebanks was initially arrested in connection with a driving offence and also had an outstanding warrant, police said.

Officers said Ebanks was hurt in a crash in West Bay on Wednesday afternoon, 16 November, and was taken to the hospital for treatment that night.

After he disappeared, local police identified the 21-year-old as the suspect in some burglaries that occurred in George Town prior to his escaping the hospital. 


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  1. Let’s summarize this young man’s Life from November.17.11;
    1)21 years old!
    2)Brought to the hospital, by the RCIP, because had been hurt (involved) in a Crash!
    3)Initially arrested for driving offences, but there’s Also Outstanding warrants on top of that (priors)!
    4)To make things right and his life better he decides to leave (escape?) the hospital!
    5)Now he’s rearrested for escaping, outstanding warrants plus suspicion of burglary!
    6)21 years old and back in custody!

    You’ve ended up making your life even more difficult.
    I don’t think it was your life dream to be a graduate of Northward but I suspect you’ll be celebrating it in; 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015..

    Do you think this man has another chance at life now?

    For example, if you were a business owner (and knew the above) would you hire him, help him, to get back on the right path?
    Provide him the opportunity for a normal life; his own home, wife, kids

    It’s a quick and dirty survey:
    Agree; Yes
    Disagree: No