Opposition claims ‘official corruption’

Premier’s funding of East End projects questioned

Opposition party members are calling for an investigation into activities of Premier McKeeva Bush in supporting an independent candidate for office in East End.

Opposition Leader Alden McLaughlin said Thursday that he would write to the governor and auditor general asking them to look into Mr. Bush’s support for candidate John McLean, who is expected to run of office in the upcoming May 2013 elections.

“This must be official corruption,” Mr. McLaughlin said of the matter.

Mr. Bush told supporters in East End during a Tuesday public meeting that he had essentially by-passed elected representative Arden McLean in favour of candidate John McLean in working to secure funding for several public projects for that area of Grand Cayman.

“With John McLean, we put [these projects] in place for this district,” Mr. Bush said, admitting that John McLean was his “preferred candidate” for the East End district. John McLean ran against Arden McLean in 2009 and lost.

The money for the various projects came from funds provided to government by the Dart group of companies, according to Mr. Bush. The Premier did not state that he had provided any funds directly to John McLean.

The premier said John McLean had come to him seeking funding for the projects and deserved praise for his efforts.

MLA Arden McLean said Wednesday that he had presented a number of recommended projects for East End district to Cabinet members in 2010. Those included improvements to East End Primary School, support for after school programmes and the extension of John McLean Drive.

“It’s a sad day in this country when the Premier announces that the richest man in this country is financing the candidates’ election,” Mr. McLean said. “How can we have fair elections in this country?”

The Caymanian Compass has contacted Premier Bush’s office for a response to the opposition claims and will print that if it is received.

Please see Friday’s editions of the Compass for the full story….


  1. Sorry, but that is no corruption! If I want to donate my money to a campaign or MLA, it is my right and democratic right to do so!

    Is it Mac’s money or the People’s money?

    If you are arguing that it is Dart’s money, since the money is connected to the For Cayman Alliance and involves divesting of Crown property, it is still corruption.

  2. This is Funny, the statement was that the money was for community projects that will be managed by John Mclean not donations to his campaign fund. People put whatever twist on things they want to sway public opinion in thier favor, Alden is just trying to make it look like something it’s not. I’d be more focused on ensuring that these project actually get done and if they are then appreciate it instead of looking a gift horse in the mouth. Or do the people in the East End feel they would be better off without the funding to help beautify thier district.

  3. Let’s seek the truth people, This was stated to be funding for community projects. Where was it siad to be a politcal donation or funding for anyones Campaign?

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