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Nathan Clarke feb 2012

Divers and snorkelers massed on Public Beach on Thursday morning to join what is now almost exclusively a sea search for missing teaching assistant Nathan Clarke.

Police are concentrating the search at sea following the recovery of Mr. Clarke’s cell phone by a cruise ship tourist on Wednesday afternoon.

Speaking at a press conference on Thursday morning, Detective Superintendent Marlon Bodden said the cruise ship passenger had found the phone while snorkelling about 150 feet in front of Calico Jack’s on Seven Mile Beach around 12.30pm Wednesday.

Not realising the importance of his discovery, the tourist considered keeping it, but later handed it over to police around 4.30pm Wednesday after speaking to a person in a store who told him police were looking for a phone belonging to the missing man.

Police confirmed later that the phone was the black Samsung phone Mr. Clarke had been carrying on him when he was last seen on Saturday night, 25 February.

No other sign of Mr. Clarke has been found.

Police and volunteer divers continued to search the water off Seven Mile Beach Thursday afternoon.

For more on this story, read Thursday’s Caymanian Compass

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Mr. Clarke


  1. She turned her back and went to Calico, leaving him on the beach with his shorts on, he ventured at night to take a swim and surprise her. Some difficulties occurred and he drowned. Thats the only logical conclusion I can come up with. She says that he wasn’t drunk, but they were drinking, and to swim in the water at nights can also be very dangerous because you have sharks out there. It could be he was attacked.

  2. The phone went out of service when it hit the water, which was around 1am according to a previous report in the Compass.

    The question that needs answering is where was Nathan between the separation from his fiance around 8:30pm and his phone hitting the water at 1am.

  3. @ 12:55 – I understand what you are saying, but I know phones that are water resistant and well sealed off from the water effecting its mechanics. I think the question should be asked, what type of phone did Nathan had on him?

    His phone could have been in the water and still operational for a period of time. You are talking about 4 hours and 30 minutes. As well, water resistant watches can last in water for long periods of time.

  4. Looking at the somewhat mysterious circumstances, I find it hard to conclude that Nathan was a victim of a crime. The man was standing right next to the ocean when she left him for a few minutes. Could he not had ventured out for a night swim?

    Unless he was called aside from the shoreline and held at gun-point! The perpatrators then returned to Calico Jacks after 4 hours and threw his phone into the water to avoid any leads. Mmmmm… that theory doesn’t sound right either.

  5. The finding of phone does not absolutely mean his body is under the water. First the phone chronology is inconsistent, it might have been tossed deliberately to mislead the search operation. Second 150 feet or equivalent to 50 yards from the shoreline, that distance is within the so called stone’s throw. Third the human body when absorbed by gases will float immediately, so it should be floating in the surrounding area. Fourth since phone has no space for gas to stay it has tendency to pull down the water while the body has tendency to bloat and pull up, notwithstanding the tidal gravitational factor, the force it create will compress the pocket and hence few chances the phone might loosen up.

  6. Unless someone has made a mistake somewhere, earlier reports say that the phone’s last signal was at 1 am MONDAY morning. Nathan went missing on saturday night. That is a whole day and a bit before the phone turned off. That would need to be a very waterproof phone to last that long.

    Editor’s note: Police have since denied that they said the last phone signal was at 1am Sunday. They said the last known signal from the phone was recorded at 8.07pm and 8.09pm on the Saturday night Mr. Clarke disappeared.

  7. Wow, you’re all real detectives on here aren’t you?

    This is the sort of idle gossip that I’ve been hearing every day at work since this poor man went missing.

    What seems to be escaping every Sherlock on here, with their stupid shark theories and their time anomoly between 8.30pm and 1am is that a poor man is probably dead here. Parents have lost their son, and a girl has lost her fiance.

    Speculation and spreading theories on here is helping no-one, except your own desire to gossip. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  8. What’s the count now…

    3 in the last 3 years ?

    All accidents, with no bodies ?

    Speculation or not, the facts are showing that for whatever reason, Cayman is and has always been a very dangerous place for people disappearing without a trace.

    When I was a child, my neighbour and his father went fishing and were never heard from or seen again…their boat was found somewhere in the mangroves..last anyone ever saw anything of them.

    A lad from Bodden Town similarly disappeared sometime in the late 80s, I think…

    Never seen or heard from again…

    Another lad off the Northwest Point ironshore, in West Bay similarly disappeared.

    Cayman…very dangerous place for people disappearing without a trace.

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