Nathan’s phone found in sea

Nathan Clarke feb 2012

Police reported that the cell phone belonging to missing teaching assistant Nathan Clarke was found in the sea off Public Beach Wednesday afternoon.

An examination of the phone confirmed it was Mr. Clarke’s black Samsung phone which he was carrying when he went missing around 8.30pm Saturday night, 25 February.

The phone was recovered about 150 feet from shore, in 10 feet of water.

“Nathan’s partner and his family have been made aware of the development,” a police spokesperson said.

Mr. Clarke disappeared from outside Calico Jack’s on Public Beach, at Seven Mile Beach, Saturday night after spending the evening there with his girlfriend and a group of friends. He was last seen standing near the water’s edge.

Police said no other property belonging to Mr. Clarke had been recovered at this stage and there was still no trace of the missing man, who works at Cayman Prep primary school. He was also believed to be carrying a wallet.

Police and scores of volunteers have been making land and sea searches for Mr. Clarke over the past five days. Searches from the air are also being done by a private helicopter from Cayman Islands Helicopters and by the Mosquito Research and Control Unit’s fixed-wing airplane.

The search for Mr. Clarke continues with volunteers being asked to go to mobile police command unit at Public Beach at 9.30am this morning (Thursday, 1 March). 

Volunteer divers will also join police divers at the beach in the morning to coordinate sea searches. Local dive operations are donating tanks of air to help the search efforts.

Police are scheduled to hold a press briefing at 11am this morning.

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Mr. Clarke


  1. It’s a real mystery as Nath was a good swimmer. Just a crazy puzzle of events. Did anyone see boats in the area as earlier suggested?? Nick

  2. I do not live on your island but we have visited there many times. In the last year or so there have been quite a few people that have disappeared with no trace i know that grand cayman is an island and it would not take much effort to make a body disappear but somebody must know something.

  3. Just a theory:-

    When she turned her back and went to Calico, leaving him on the beach with his shorts on, he ventured at night to take a swim. Some difficulty occurred and he drowned. That the only probable conclusion I can arrive at. She says that he wasn’t drunk, but they were drinking, and to swim in the water at nights can also be very dangerous because you have sharks out there.

  4. Ahhhh…police have now moved to correct a statement they earlier made about the phone signal still being on at Mon 1am….they now say thats not true. Thats sorted then.

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