Produce grows 
big on the Brac

The ninth Agriculture Show held in Cayman Brac was a roaring success for residents who attended the event on Saturday, 25 February on the Agriculture grounds, off Songbird Road on the Bluff.

A huge display of local produce and mouth-watering dishes, along with a number of other events such as performances and presentations by the Layman Scott High School steel band, Barefoot Man and Andy Martin, C Level Band, Koalition, Customs K-9 unit, fire, health and police departments made the show enjoyable.

For an impressive display of local produce, Creek farmer Margario Chantilope was crowned King of the Show and for her display of crops consisting of cantaloupes, chickens and rabbits, Theresa Mena was named Queen of the Show.

Layman Scott student David Scott was crowned Prince of the Show for his displays of and assistance with putting together the stall at the school.

“A lot of hard work had been put into making the Agriculture Show a success this year,” said Ernie Scott, Cayman Brac district commissioner. “It takes a lot of planning and putting together to make the show a success and for that I thank all the departments and the community.”

Passionate about agriculture and local food products and looking forward to seeing the produce and livestock on display, Governor Duncan Taylor attended the show with his wife, Marie, said he believed in trying to develop as much local produce as possible.

“It is healthier, tastes better, is cheaper, and helps the environment and stops us from having to ship food from far away,” he said. Mr. Taylor applauded the farmers and the Department of Agriculture for making sure the Cayman Islands could enjoy local produce.

He also shared his experience with experimenting in growing local produce at Government House. Although it was doing quite well, he said they were having problems with pesky insects, such as caterpillars and worms.

Mr. Taylor also expressed his admiration for the people who worked hard on the soil in Cayman Brac in producing food for the community. He said circumstances challenging farmers here are significant given the local climate.

Department of Agriculture Director Adrian Esterwick said he was proud to announce that Little Cayman now hosts its own agriculture show. He also agreed with the Governor Taylor in having less food importation.

Deputy Premier Juliana O’Connor-Connolly applauded the farmers for their stamina in overcoming climatic, physical an economic challenges. She encouraged farmers to continue with their work.