Police visit bar to jog memories of Nathan

RCIPS Calico Jacks Nathan Clarke search lg

Police questioned drinkers, diners and volleyball players Saturday evening at Calico Jack’s bar on Public Beach in Grand Cayman in an effort to jog the memories of anyone who might have seen missing man Nathan Clarke, who disappeared exactly a week earlier. 

The bar on Saturday was quiet, with just a handful of people there, as it had been on 25 February, the night Mr. Clarke was last seen standing at the water’s edge 
outside the bar. 

A few hours before police visited the bar, Saturday’s sea search for the missing Cayman Prep teaching assistant was called off for the day due to rough sea condition. 

The search for Mr. Clarke has been focusing on the sea since his cell phone was found in 10 feet of water about 150 feet from shore in front of Calico Jack’s on Wednesday. 

Chief Inspector Richard Barrow said: “We stopped early because the sea conditions were not very favourable for snorkelling and diving. We also have to be mindful of the safety also of the persons 
who are helping.” 

Divers and snorkellers turned out in force over the weekend to join the search. 

Police said that by Saturday night, 527 members of the public had volunteered to search for Mr. Clarke during the week – on land and in the water – joining 39 police officers who are involved in the search. More officers are also involved in the investigation side of the case. 

So far, police and civilians had spent 28,000 man hours searching for the 31-year-old man, police said. 

“Despite extensive searches by our marine assets, hundreds of volunteers, a chartered private helicopter, a fixed wing plane, snorkellers, divers and police personnel, Nathan has not been found,” Mr. Barrow said. 

Between 5.30pm and 8.30pm Saturday evening – the same time period Mr. Clarke spent at the bar with his girlfriend and a group of friends a week ago – police spoke to patrons at Calico Jack’s to see if anyone had been there at the same time last week and if anyone remembered seeing the missing Cayman Prep teaching assistant.  

Mr. Clarke was reported missing to police on Sunday, 26 February. He was last seen by his girlfriend and friends about 8.30pm the night before. 

Although the search for Mr. Clarke concentrated mainly in the sea since Thursday, coordinated land searches were also conducted Sunday. 

Mr. Barrow said land searches would include the dykes areas and abandoned buildings. 

Mr. Clarke’s parents and sister arrived in Grand Cayman on Saturday. 

A candlelight vigil with friends and family of Mr. Clarke was expected to be carried out on the beach Sunday night. 

RCIPS Calico Jacks Nathan Clarke search

Police speak with volleyball players Saturday at Calico Jack’s on Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman. – PHOTO: NORMA CONNOLLY


  1. I could not make it to the vigil last night but our thoughts and prayers were with his family and friends. Nathan is always on my mind.

  2. I sincerely hope that the police interviewed *everyone* who was at Calico’s/Public Beach at any point on Feb 25th in the evening, including staff at the bar. I hope they did the same to everyone at Tiki Beach since it’s so close by. I hope they have questioned every taxi driver who picked anyone up from anywhere on the beach that night. It seems to me that they should have done all this on Sunday 26th when the night before was fresh in people’s minds. I may have missed it, but where was the plea last week for everyone who was ANYWHERE on or near the beach on Feb 25th to come forward for questioning?

    Where are the police dog teams from the United States that (rightly) came over to search for Anna Evans? Why is the government not funding the use of the private helicopter to search for Nathan? There is so much I just don’t understand.

    Thinking of you Nathan, your friends and family. Come home soon.

  3. My heart is heavy with great sadness for both families affected by such a tragic event. Forgive me for being insensitive when trying to understand though (trying to word my questions without intending to offend anyone, if i do i am sorry), why wasn’t Nathan’s friends and fianc looking for him when they realised he hadn’t arrived home especially since he left the beach before they did (earlier report in the paper) or after 12am Sunday…given that his actions seem out of character for him…what was his state of mind…. I want more than anything for Nathan to be found for his family and especially his mom – the heartache of a mother is beyond immaginable..:-( May God continue to be with you during this trying time in your life…..again i sincerely apologise for any offense taken by my post….just really troubled that Nathan remains missing….

  4. GENTS,
    As a former Marine officer with the RCIPS we have learn from experience that the currents run eastbound along the 7MB shore then suck the body strait out to 12 mile bank area so extend the search area and have a co-active appraoch with the dive companies and fishermen. He will hopefully turn up but at this point the current most likely has taken him out to sea. Remenber the man in the red dive gear in 2008 had drowned near West bay, near shore and found at 12 mile bank by a fisherman. Its worth a try right?

  5. By all the evidence compiled so far, unfortunately it looks like a terrible accident or misfortune has befallen this young man; of course my comments are only based on what’s been presented so far.

    A lot of people are not aware that the waters off the 7 Mile Beach just north of Calico Jacks and the Public Beach are not safe for swimming after dark.

    The evening tides begin to run in that area after dark and the pull is very strong.

    A quick dip in the shallow waters near the shore presents little risk but to swim out any further is dangerous.

    Most locals know this and avoid swimming in that area after dark; there have also been rumours of a dangerous shark that lives off the coast between the 7 Mile Beach and Northwest Point circulating around Cayman for years, as reported by some who claim to have seen this predator.

    In any event, we all hope that he will be found so that his family and friends can have some peace of mind, hopefully alive and well but the evidence does not look favourable.

    All sympathies to his family and friends in their time of heartache and uncertainty.

  6. Caybrew — if you’re somehow implying that not enough has been done to search for Nathan, you’re way off. There have been signs up and pleas for people with info to come forward since the day after he went missing.

    I believe the government helicopter is out of service right now, which is why they have to hire the private helicopter. As for flying in search dogs from the US, seems an odd thing to do for a body presumed lost at sea.

  7. What was his state of mind that evening?

    Had he been drinking?

    Could he have fancied an evening swim and got dragged out to sea if he’d had a little too much alcohol?

    Why though would he have gone for a swim with his cell phone on him? That doesn’t make sense.

  8. Hopefully the RCIP interviewed people in the evening preferably on a weekend night as the night crowd are the ones to ask.
    As to the rumors of sharks getting Nathan that is ridiculous and written by someone who hasn’t done much night diving. Whatever happened to Nathan, it wasn’t a shark.

  9. In totally ruling out the possibility of a shark attack (as if humans can totally predict or anticipate the actions of any animal), and leaving a slim chance that he might have been pulled out to sea by the currents…what then is the general opinion of what might have happened to him, in such a small area and window of time?

    In Kerran’s case, in spite of all the efforts of police investigators to lead the public into a different line of thinking, all the evidence pointed to her being kidnapped from her apt., immediately….

    The fact that she’s never been seen or heard from since leaves little room for specualtion of what ultimately happened to her…

    But in Nathan’s case, this is pure mystery.

    Did he have any known enemies, would there have been someone who was seeking to harm him ?

    It is frightening to think of the possibility of random kidnapping in a place as small as Grand Cayman, although these things have happened and continue to happen in bigger countries.

    I’m really hoping that some proof will emerge as to what has happened to him so that all fears may be put to bed…and comfort for his family and friends.

    I would truly not wish this scenario upon my worst enemy.

  10. With all due respect and kindness I believe it’s time for the families of Lisa and Nathan to end this search. It’s time for them to move on and begin their lives again. All my prayers and love but it’s time to close the chapter.

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