Editorial for 06 March: Government digs under used

Big brother is watching.

And it’s about time.

Equipment at the new government administration building has
the ability to monitor the comings and goings of the people who work in the

Many civil servants have groused about moving into the new
building just because their actions – or inactions – would be monitored.

The Caymanian Compass has repeatedly attempted to find out
just what government departments and which personnel have agreed to move into
the new building on Eglin Avenue.

So far, no one seems to know just exactly how many
government employees are housed in the new building.

It would appear that the tail is wagging the dog; some
government departments that should have gone into the new building have opted
to not do so.

We have to wonder how much these decisions are costing the
government coffers, and why department heads are allowed to decide where they
will house their staffs.

It was our understanding that the new government building
was erected to help cut the costs of government having to rent out separate
parcels of office space for its varying departments and agencies.

Yes, there are certain some departments that do not belong
in the new building because of public traffic, including the police service and
the Department of Counselling Service.

But it is ridiculous that only a few of the employees of the
Government Administration Building’s anchor tenant, the Cayman Islands Monetary
Authority, moved in.

It is not for us to say whether CIMA should or should not be
in the building. What we question is the decision to pay out thousands of
dollars to specifically outfit an area without due diligence of whether the
agency should be there in the first place.

It’s nice to have a building that is dedicated to all things
government in the Cayman Islands, but it should be used to its fullest

It’s a waste of money to allow departments to pick and
choose where they want to be housed.