Juniors grab limelight

Half way through the winter session of the TeleCayman Team Squash League was held this past Thursday at the South Sound Squash Club and although full of up and down matches, as always it was guaranteed for a good night of fun. The League runs every Thursday at 7.15pm until the end of March.

Sponsored teams for the Winter TeleCayman Team Squash League are Team Aon, Team Sotheby’s International Realty and two teams from KMPG, Team KPMG 1 and Team KPMG 2. The other teams have been randomly named after a specific shot in the game of squash, Team Volley, Team Boast, Team Nick and Team Drive.

The top match for week 4 was between Team Boast’s Ruan De Villiers and Team Drive’s young gun Julian Jervis. As always with the young juniors improving each day, this match had great match written all over it.

As the juniors are beginning to play more of the adults in the club, the adults are starting to understand the wrath of the junior is not to be taken lightly. With a definitive game plan De Villiers battled fatigue and a gruelling work schedule to fight this match to the end. Back and forth this match was a tug-of-war. De Villiers took the initial lead, followed by Jervis and it was back and forth and came down to the fifth and deciding game. Sticking with his strategy, De Villiers played a sold final game taking the match 3-2 for Team Boast (11/6, 2/11, 11/8, 3/11, 11/6).

The second top match for the week was chosen not for the consistency in the final score but for how close the loser came to winning. The match was between Team Aon’s Janet Sairsingh and Team Nick’s Faisal Hafiz with long, twisting rallies neither of them wanted to budge. In the second game, Hafiz wasn’t quitting and went for a graceful dive for his attempt at a magical Nicol David (current number one in the world) moment, however the magic wasn’t quite there as the front wall stopped his slide. In the end all games went to over points with Sairsingh and Team Aon taking the match 3-0 (12/10, 12/10, 12/10).