Kids help clean up Cayman’s reefs

Youngsters have assisted in another reef cleanup near the Lobster Pot Dive Centre. 

“The Hamish Hamilton High School Scuba Club is part of the government’s new extended after school education programme designed to get members more active,” Mr. Hamilton said. “We have four members and go out every Monday. Part of our remit as an organisation is doing community work and we do reef clean-up. 

“This is our second one; we go out and see what we can find,” he said. “We combine students and teachers from John Gray and Clifton Hunter.” 

Student Kadar Afflick, 12, said he enjoyed it. 

“At first, I was scared when I was learning, then I got over that and it is really fun,” he said. “It is great to be able to help the environment.”

Getting involved 

The club has its own equipment, which assists in getting the children involved with the sport. 

“All our BCDs and regulators at the club were funded by the Joanna Clark award so we have our own kit to lend out to the kids, which really helps,” said teacher Laura Edmonds. 

Mr. Hamilton said the more youngsters who got involved with scuba diving, the better it would be. 

“I have always been amazed how few go in the water; there’s this tiny island and gorgeous sea but very few can even swim,” he said. “We try and encourage what we can.  

Diving on this island is a big career but I don’t know a single Caymanian divemaster or dive instructor. There are a lot of opportunities.” 

reef clean up gang

From left, Hamish Hamilton, Kadar Afflick, Laura Edmonds and Piers De Chenu. – – Photo: Joe Shooman