Apartment strata reports robbery

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An armed robbery that involved three victims being tied up by their assailants at a George Town condo complex earlier this week was apparently not immediately reported to police.

Instead, the Caymanian Compass was notified of the incident via an email that went out to residents at the Lakeside Villas condos along the Esterley Tibbetts Highway on Wednesday.

According to the strata statement on the incident: “Four masked men with machetes and a gun accosted a resident of Lakeside while [he was] returning to his apartment. They entered the apartment tied up the three occupants, stealing some cash and a few pieces of jewelry. They did not harm the three occupants of the apartment.”

Apparently the robbery happened sometime after midnight in the early morning hours of Monday. Residents of the complex told the Compass that the suspects in the incident waited in the stairwell of the building where the robbery occurred to confront the man.

“Currently the Executive Committee are reviewing the security in place, and [are] looking for further security measures to implement,” read the strata statement. “We ask everyone to be vigilant on property and report any unusual incidents to security, the police or the office immediately.”

It was not immediately clear why police had not been contacted immediately about the robbery. An RCIPS spokesperson was unaware of the robbery report when contacted about it Wednesday.

A police spokesperson related the following about the incident: “We received a report late [Tuesday] morning of an incident at Lakeside that had occurred some 12 hours earlier. The facts of the matter have not yet been established and police enquiries are ongoing.”




  1. The height of irresponsibility! If these men were able to tye you up, dont you think it is your civic duty to immediately inform the public and the Police?!

  2. I split my time between the USA and Cayman. The problem is that the criminals know that the RCIPS is a joke when compared to almost any law enforcement agency in the world! Still, they should have reported it immediately but the keystone cops would have to drive back to the station to get their gun. Unarmed police are a joke!

  3. This logically calls for a closer look as to why the victims didn’t initially report the crime immediately.

    Knowing Cayman as well as I do, too many outside influences affect how the RCIPS and many other institutions operate and do their job.

    This has been a long-standing problem in Cayman…

    That has now come back to bite the you-know-what of Cayman’s society squarely between the-you-know-what.

    Case in point; I got rear-ended by an intoxicated tourist one night at a traffic light on the WB Road…

    When PC Plod from the RCIPS showed up, he was quick to inform me that this would be going nowhere in terms of any prosecution for the tourist for driving under the influence of alcohol so…

    I should quickly get his insurance and rental agency details from him and I would get a courteous ride home in his lovely police car…which is exactly what I did.

    The rental agency were most helpful btw…gave me a car to drive, while they fixed my own and everything but…

    Had the shoe been on the other foot and I had drunkenly rear-ended the tourist, would the results have been the same ?

    I’m certain they wouldn’t have been.

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