Sea search resumes

Police resumed sea searches for missing man Nathan Clarke on Wednesday.

A call for divers and snorkellers was put out Wednesday morning as sea conditions calmed to a point where boats would again transport volunteers to sea areas.

The sea searches were cancelled earlier this week due to rough sea conditions and bad weather.


  1. Please do not lose interest in this story. It is no longer one of the main stories on the front page of the web page and that is concerning. A man has vanished into thin air. The police have stopped land based searches without giving any reason (hopefully they have a good one, and a good reason for keeping it from the public) and the family and friends continue to fund large parts of the search effort. Your job as the media is to keep digging away at this, so that Nathan does not become another missing person in Cayman who is never found. People do not vanish into thin air. Someone saw something, someone knows something, or there is some evidence out there to resolve this case. Please keep pushing. Don’t give up on Nathan. Hugs to his family and friends!

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