Editorial for 07 March: God speed in Nathan search

It’s now been more than a week since Nathan Clarke
disappeared from Grand Cayman.

No one knows where he is or exactly what happened, it

But we would like to thank all of those who turned out to
help in the search for Nathan.

Friends, family and strangers have kept up a mighty vigil in
the search for this young man.

And the police service has done a Herculean effort in the
search for him.

From all accounts we hear of Nathan he is – and we use the
present tense because there is still a chance he will be found – a kind soul
who is committed to friends and community.

Our hearts and prayers go out to those closest to Nathan and
to those who continue to search for him.

To those who have uttered negative discourse during this
time, shame on you. It is our job as human beings to lift each other up,
especially in difficult times.

Much speculation abounds about what happened to Nathan, with
some theories about his disappearance too ridiculous or even too mean spirited
to repeat. As police have said, it does not help them nor the family, fiancée
or friends of Nathan to speculate wildly.

The search for the missing man will continue, although
weather conditions early this week have not been favourable for people to put
their own lives at risk to go out to the sea.

Hopefully the winds will die down and the seas will become
calm so that the search can continue.

In the meantime we thank all of those who have rallied
around Nathan’s friends and families, aided in his search and offered support
in whatever form or fashion.

It is our sincere prayer that Nathan will be found safe and

God speed to those who know and love Nathan, and may their
prayers be answered.





  1. I don’t think there is a soul on this island who wouldn’t welcome positive news of Nathan. Unfortunately, it seems quite clear that he has drowned and consequently any further searches need to focus on the surface of the sea. Knowledge of local currents would greatly assist in this endeavour.

    It is a great testament to the number of people, both family, friends and strangers who have spent long hours looking for Nathan. I wish all of the people touched by this tragedy reconciliation with their great loss.


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