‘Yes to road, No to dump’

About 80 vehicles participated Saturday in a motorcade that drove around George Town and West Bay, protesting two United Democratic Party government projects. Demonstrators taped signs to the hoods, sides and windows of their vehicles, urging the government to abandon plans for a waste management facility in Bodden Town and to keep a section of West Bay Road along Seven Mile Beach where it is. Government plans to eliminate a section of the road and re-route traffic through the area to the Esterley Tibbetts bypass.

One of about 80 vehicles involved in the Saturday afternoon motorcade. – Photo: Brent Fuller


  1. Protesting just for the sake of protesting. If it’s not a Port in East End it’s a Cruise Berthing facility in GT; if it’s not a development in South Sound it’s a Dump in Bodden Town. Now it’s moving a road! Obviously these people have never been to other Caribbean islands to see what they have to offer. Cayman is sooo far behind. Don’t they realize they are voting against their own self interests? If our parents and grandparents thought the way they do, Cayman would still be like the 1940’s where people left this island to find work elsewhere. Then where would we all be? Cayman has to grow its infrastructure, tourism product and our economy or people will go elsewhere. Caymanians need to wake up and realize that Cayman has competition. Change is inevitable. Shame on the politicians who contribute to these protests and encourage people to vote against the best interests of the ENTIRE Cayman Islands; just to scrap a few votes for themselves. How do they sleep at night?

    The overflowing dump in the middle of our capital is a HUGE problem and we cannot ignore it anymore. That’s a fact! For the benefit of the entire island, it has to be moved, and a proper facility put in place. BT is a smart choice for many reasons, it’s strategically located for starters, even the BT MLA’s will admit to that. Good for them for standing up for what is right instead of what is popular.

    The road changes have more positives than negatives. It’s a 1 mile stretch of road people, not a national monument! People are just mad b/c it’s Dart, nothing more. Fact is, he is investing BILLIONS (not millions, BILLIONS) of dollars into the Cayman economy, and one way or another, it benefits us all. Government would not be doing their job if they did not work with him and encourage his investment. We give him some road and land; he builds a 5-star hotel, moves the dump, creates a PUBLIC park out of it, and creates a state of the art waste management facility while we the people (aka government) don’t spend a dime! Let’s not forget people, government is broke. Sounds like we are getting the sweater end of the deal on this one. Wake up protestors!

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