Police seek owners of missing property

Police have recovered a tool kit and laptop which they suspect are stolen property. 

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service released photographs of the two items, which police recovered last week. 

Detective Sergeant Ian McDonald is asking anyone who recognises either the Toshiba laptop or the Performance tool kit to contact him at the George Town police station. 

“All too often when people report their property stolen, particularly electrical items such as laptops, they are unable to provide us with details of the make, model or serial numbers,” he said.  

“That’s why when we do recover items, which we believe to be stolen, it’s difficult to reunite the owners with their property.  

“People should take a note of these important details and also consider marking their property with UV pens.” 

Mr. McDonald is also warning people who buy property, such as laptops, privately to be cautious.  

“If you are offered a deal that’s too good to be true, or the seller is unable to provide genuine paperwork/receipts for the equipment, you run the risk of being prosecuted for handling stolen property,” he said. 


DS McDonald can be contacted 
at George Town police station 949-4222. 


The Performance tool kit. – PHOTOs: SUBMITTED

toshiba laptop

The Toshiba laptop recovered by police and suspected to be stolen property.