Time to take control

For far too long now our people have been shafted by promises of betterment in many ways, but government after government, we seem to be slipping backward.

Look where we came from; thatch huts to the best modern lifestyle in the Caribbean with our standard of living one of the best in the world.

But this is not so for many of our people.

We still don’t have so many needed things for our whole Island and people to be lifted up into this new age. We spend a lot of our well needed money on things that are foolish and wasteful.

The reason for this is because we do not have the proper planners in position in our government; only wasteful, foolish spenders.

I cannot believe that in the year 2012 we still do not have a cruise ship dock. What have these leaders been doing all these years? Some of them have been inside the LA for more than 20 years and still all they really have to offer us is cheap talk and a lot of false promises along with their bad ideas.

The people of the Cayman Islands that have worked so hard to bring us to where we are today have to stand strong now to ensure that our culture is still here in years to come. Our children depend on us to make their lives better than ours was. We cannot fail them or toss them aside for the sake of a few dollars like many of us have been doing.

For all of those that are in our present government and opposition, if you cannot help to uplift the people and this Island to betterment, then get out of your present position and let some wise people that have the right and proper ideas for our future take your place and move this country forward, for all you are doing is keeping us back and hurting the whole population.

For example, look at your ideas for our garbage problem. There should not have at anytime be a garbage problem on Grand Cayman if our leaders had real good wisdom.

For years and years government has been piling up this big problem. Instead of having a national recycling programme, they just make the problems get bigger and bigger. Well here is one wise answer to the problem that will help us now and in the future: Just like how we bring all the garbage here, ship it out of Cayman and in doing so make some money of this garbage.

Do not let the company that buys scrap metal make millions off our waste. Why can’t the government of this country wake up out its lost ways and do what is right for all of us?

Well maybe if we had some real educated people in the proper place in our government we would be better off today. Remember, if you do not have proper education, vision and real know-how, you will only lead people to nowhere but down.

We need to get away from UDP, PPM; the two party system is not working for Cayman. Yes, I have supported the PPM in the past, but I would at this time and always will support the whole of the people in the Cayman Islands.

This blame game that has been going on for has gotten us nowhere but down. Look around you.

We as a people need to be in full control of our future; not in anyway should we be partners with investors from any country.

Members of our government need to do what they were elected to do and that is to serve the people of these Islands and try their very best to make this whole country better instead of trying to sell off all the things we have and then give the money away or worse, just lose it. We deserve a lot better.

Emile S. Levy