CIFEC students learning by teaching

Business students at the Cayman Islands Further Education Centre have been given the opportunity to take classes and teach fellow students.

“We want to embed employability skills of leadership, communication, presentation, literacy and numeracy in our students and prepare them for the working world,” said Mark Slade, a member of the centre’s business department. “This form of peer-to-peer assessment is curial as it allows students to explain what they have learnt to fellow students in a clear manor and improves understanding”.

The careers centre at CIFEC are also embedding peer-to-peer teaching and assessment and “the students are interviewing each other and preparing résumés for potential job applications and improving their confidence and communication skills,” he said.

Students spend at least two days each week at work where they gain valuable experience. The present internships programme will conclude at the end of April.

For more information or to sign up for classes call the centre at 925-5424.


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Ricado Connolly is seen drawing an example of how departments within a large business work together. – Photo: Submitted