Officer recovering after ear biting

A prison officer who had part of his ear bitten off by an inmate at Her Majesty’s Prison at Northward on Friday, 16 March is still recovering from his ordeal. 

The incident occurred during the course of the officer’s official duties, according to Prison Director Dwight Scott. 

“The officer was doing the usual walk through when the inmate indicated that he wanted to come out of his cell. However, the officer was not ready to let the inmate out of the cell and simply opened the door to see what his issue was. At that time, the officer said the inmate lifted his hand as to punch him and then moved his head toward the officer, biting off a piece of his ear in the process,” 
Mr. Scott said. 

The director added that efforts to find the piece of ear bitten off were unsuccessful initially, “but eventually the prisoner spat out the missing section of the officer’s ear”.  

Mr. Scott said doctors were unable to reattach the piece of ear due to fears 
of infection. 

The prisoner involved in the incident is said to be a Jamaican national, who cannot be named in this article because he has not yet been charged. The primary reason for his incarceration was not 
immediately available.  

Mr. Scott said he would provide the Caymanian Compass with that information as soon as possible. 

Mr. Scott said the entire staff at the prison had been affected because the officer involved was well-liked and respected.  

“This guard is someone who is very well respected and goes out of his way to assist. He works hard and so we are all saddened by this incident,” noted Mr. Scott. 

“I must commend officers for the professional way in which they dealt with the inmate after what happened, only restraining him and sticking to standard procedure,” he said. 

Northward Prison - drugs-ss

The video above depicts a man who was caught on cctv cameras outside the prison hurling an unidentified package over the wall. Prison officials believe a significant amount of ganja comes into HMP Northward this way.


  1. I read articles like this all the time about criminal acts and I never see the nationality of the person commiting the offence especially if they are Caymanian. So why mention it here? And by the way, I am not Jamacian.

  2. Video is interesting. Was the guard gathering the drugs before the bad guys could get them. Possibly I suppose.

    It cant be that hard to identify both the guard and the thrower. The video was dated 2010. Can the compass provide some light as to what the police and prison’s response was, if anything, when this video first came to light?

  3. This act of a prisoner actually biting off a piece of the prison guard’s ear is most disgusting, outrageous, and disgraceful to say the least. This means that from now on guards have to be careful and alert to the possibility of this act rearing its ugly head again.

    It is most amazing that the prisoner who committed this dastardly act cannot be named because he has not been charged. But he is called a prisoner. For goodness sake, change the law. The victim of the crime can be named but the perpetrator cannot be named until charged. As always, the bad guy seems to have more rights than law abiding residents. Small wonder things are what they are today.

  4. Mr Scott’s commending his officers for the professional way his officers dealt with the inmate was code for the officers did not extract immediate justice against the inmate for hurting a fellow corrections officer.
    It is most important that this inmate be charged to the full extent of the law.

  5. TO ALL CONCERN: regarding the Vedio shown., IT IS VERY SIMPLE REMEDY. at Northward Prison Compound the Administration NEED to PUT-UP TOWERS on ALL the corner of the Perimeter Fence to monitor ALL the movement IN and OUTSIDE the Prison Perimeter., and ALL the assigned Prison Officer in ALL the TOWERS MUST be ARMED with either M-16 or AK 47 assault rifles., 24/7

  6. It’s a little hard to believe that there is a road right around the outside of the fence. It’s also a little hard to believe that the outside fence is only an easy toss away from the inside walls. Who is responsible for this setup? Solutions: close road or make fences higher or farther apart and arrest people who come up to the fence. Geeez

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