Police: We left ammo at gun club

It’s not unusual for firearms ammunition to be located in the vicinity of the former Cayman Islands gun club, now known as the Sports Shooting Association.

However, when that ammo is left unattended, it’s a different story.

On Saturday, 31 March an individual found a number of .223-calibre rifle rounds on the location and reported it to police.

As it turns out, the police had left it there.

“The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service had been conducting routine training at the [gun club location] the previous day,” a statement from the police noted. “It has now been established that the recovered rounds do in fact belong to the RCIPS.”

Police said they are now investigating how the rounds were left behind at the firing range.


  1. Oh wow! As if we don’t already have enough problems with gun crime. The police have to contribute to it too? What if the wrong person had found this ammo? Does this warrant suspension, possibly on half pay or no pay for their slackness? These police who don’t take their jobs seriously enough need to step down and stop milking the gov’t. Go find something else to do.

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