‘Tea Beneath the Trees’ charming event

The Bodden Town Heritage Committee’s “Tea Beneath the Trees” was a charming day of socialising with friends, while adding a sense of nostalgia and elegance.

Held in the garden of Nurse Josie’s Seniors Centre on Saturday, the evening activities were staged to support the preservation and conservation of local heritage and culture in the District of Bodden Town. Part of the proceeds from the event will go toward establishing a museum for Bodden Town and to assisting the Cayman Islands Cancer Society.

“We were delighted to have such a great turnout to this event and hope that we can make this tea party an annual event for the community,” said Jennifer Martinez, one of the organisers. “We want to extend thanks all those who supported this event and look forward to making next year’s bigger and better.”

The event included afternoon tea, live entertainment, sale of local arts and crafts and a hat competition. Tables set with favourite china were decorated in pink and white, delicate confections and tea sandwiches mixed in with March breezes, laughter and traditional music.

The tea party gave an insight into Cayman’s cultural history and a glimpse at traditional customs such as authentic Caymanian music played by Samuel Rose, Swanky Band leader, local handcrafts and tales from old time Cayman story tellers.

The afternoon activities kicked off with local comedian Quincy Brown sharing his version of Cayman life long ago. He was later joined on the stage by senior Josie Solomon for a dance.

As visitors arrived they were presented with cool tamarind drinks or fruit punch while others enjoyed the traditional cakes and teas brewed from fever grass, wild basil, and providence mint. The group also participated in a tour of the seniors home and grounds.

Mark Scotland, member of the Legislative Assembly for Bodden Town, said he was delighted to see the families spending time together and encouraged young people to take note of what was taking place. Other dignitaries, including National Hero Sybil McLaughlin, Speaker of the House Mary Lawrence and MLA Anthony Eden, were also in attendance.

Committee members in pink and white, shared tales with the group as they served tea and cakes.

The Bodden Town Heritage Committee is small group of individuals passionate about expanding and enriching knowledge and awareness of Caymanian culture and heritage. They recognise the future of Caymanian culture relies on each new generation – ensuring that traditions never die. With this, they are envisioning opportunities for establishing various ongoing and productive alliances and activities throughout the Cayman Islands. The Tea Beneath the Trees fundraiser is one such event.

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