One man dead, another hurt in rollover wreck

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Royal Cayman Islands Police said drinking and speed may have played a role in a deadly crash overnight.

According to police, at around 1.20am Thursday a Honda Civic was being driven on West Bay Road toward George Town when it left the road and overturned close to the Coral Stone Club.

The driver and passenger were both thrown from the vehicle at the location, which is between The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman and Foster’s Food Fair at the Strand.

Emergency services attended the scene and both men were taken to the Cayman Islands Hospital. A 33-year-old male was pronounced dead following the crash, while a 28-year-old man was being treated for serious injuries.

The 28-year-old was arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving and suspicion of DUI, police said. However, officers stated they could not immediately determine who was operating the vehicle and had only arrested the 28-year-old initially to “preserve evidence” in the case.

No charges had been filed in connection with the crash at press time.

The dead 33-year-old man was identified as Marjan Mladenovski. He worked as a server at the Marriott hotel.

Mr. Mladenovski was married to his wife, Gloria, here on Grand Cayman.

A section of West Bay Road between the Ritz and the Strand was shut down during morning rush hour Thursday and reopened around 9am.


WB road car wreck cayman 2

The vehicle involved in Thursday’s deadly crash landed upside down in the bush. Photo: Brent Fuller

WB road car wreck cayman 3

Police block off a section of West Bay Road near Fosters Food Fair. Photo: Brent Fuller

WB road car wreck cayman 1

The vehicle involved in Thursday’s deadly crash landed upside down in the bush. Photo: Brent Fuller


  1. If you must drink and drive, at least go below the speed limit and wear a seat belt. Can’t hardly get hurt at 30 MPH unless you cross the center line. But that’s what airbags are for.

    DUI is unacceptable public behavior and just plain stupid. I don’t think his wife is going to appreciate his Darwin Award?

    If the other guy is the driver, he’s looking at manslaughter. Great, another burden to society at about 60,000 CID per year for room and board. Probably more due to medical issues.

  2. Assumptions assumptions assumptions, was it DUI or something else?? Perhaps his phone rang and he got distracted…List can go on, dont jump to conclusions.

  3. I find it absolutely offensive and abhorrent that Bethinking is commenting like that less than one day after a young man was killed. It is completely disgusting to think that someone could be so callous and mean spirited as to make a comment speculating about the status of a recently killed young man’s wife, speculating about drinking and sentencing for the man who is in critical condition, and referring to him as a 60,000 a year burden. Bethinking clearly has no brain to think with.

  4. What’s unacceptable is that to make disgraceful comment.You should make time and effort to learn more respect for others you would not like to get an unexpected lesson from life one day.

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