Cayman aim to be in World Cup

Exciting Twenty20 cricket has arrived locally as the Pepsi International Cricket Council’s Americas Women T20 Championship is being hosted in Grand Cayman this week and anyone interested in the game should go out and support matches.

It started on Monday and along with the Cayman Islands, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Bermuda, Brazil and USA are competing for a chance to move into the World Cup qualifiers.

This is a great time for cricket locally and it is also a very significant event, as this is the first time the Cayman Islands has had a women’s national cricket team and the first time competing in such tournament.

Matches are played at Jimmy Powell Oval (10.30am and 2.30pm) and Smith Road Oval (2.30pm) every day except Thursday 26 April. Cayman played the US at Smith Road Oval on Monday and face Canada on Tuesday at the Jimmy Powell Oval at 2.30pm

Cayman’s other matches are Brazil at the Jimmy Powell Oval on Friday at 10.30am and against Bermuda, also at the Jimmy Powell Oval, on Saturday at 10.30am.

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