Iguanas topple KPMG

Anyone watching events unfold during the second round of the National Touch Rugby Championships at the South Sound Rugby Ground would have been almost as breathless as the players on the pitch come the end of the day – five games, 75 tries and thrills too many to count, all in one afternoon of sensational touch rugby.

Maples beat Walkers Blue Iguanas 11-3 in the first game and Dart beat KPMG 13-6 in the next game. The next match saw Heineken Brew Crew overcome Team-Black 8-6 and then Team Black beat Dart 9-2 before Walkers Blue Iguanas defeated KPMG 9-8 in the match of the day.

Proud sponsors of their touch rugby team, Walkers Blue Iguanas have long been an advocate for supporting the game in Cayman. Of their 16 player squad, 14 of them are employed by Walkers and it clearly shows in the great camaraderie and team spirit they display.

This year has seen a new captain, Vikki Piaso, inspire teammates with her boundless energy and enthusiasm. A keen student of touch rugby since her formative years, she comes with a fine pedigree as her father played for New Zealand. Typical of Piaso though, she is keen to deflect attention from herself onto her team-mates. Although largely inexperienced in touch rugby they have turned up to all their practice sessions and newbies such as Tamera Clark are learning fast and playing brilliantly.

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