Image is everything for talented filmmakers

The next generation of moviemaking talent has been hard at work and now the results are there for all to see.

The Harquail Theatre hosts the Young Image Makers Short Film Premiere on Sunday, 29 April, at 6pm as part of Cayfest 2012, explains Rita Estevanovich of the Cayman Islands Cultural Foundation.

“The red carpet affair is fantastic – kids are brought to the Harquail in a limo, the paparazzi (parents, media, friends) is set up for the arrival and complimentary food and drinks are served to all. We then view the final films and announce winners. It’s a great family event with a little glitz and glamour.”

Free admission

The event is free so no excuses not to attend. The prizes on offer are great, too – CIFC sponsors two students to go to the New York Film Academy each summer. Rita says that the theme is open with the movie content being completely down to the artists.

“Some take advantage of Cayman’s clear skies and waters, flora and fauna etc, but others choose not to. If they decide to film something about the environment or if they choose locations where the landscapes and seascapes are breathtaking, then I suppose it makes for an aesthetically pleasing piece, but if they don’t (like if they wanted to do a horror flick set in their home), then our Islands’ natural beauty really doesn’t play a role in the final look of the film.”

Expressing craft

Which is fair enough. Fundamentally, this is a chance for Cayman’s youngsters to explore their craft and express themselves through the medium and for the rest of us to enjoy their work.

“Part of our mission is stimulating creativity and facilitating artistic expression and we feel that Young Image Makers is an important creative outlet for young talent,” concludes Rita.

“It is geared towards kids 10 to 17 years of age who have an interest in directing and filmmaking and is a wonderful vehicle for telling stories. The premiere is the public’s opportunity to support the work of our young artist, and to see their pieces on the big screen.

“We also announce our winners on this evening of the People’s Choice Award and Young Image Makers 2012 Winners.”

Exciting times; bring your cameras, chaps.

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