Help save the Cayman Islands

Just like many other places in this world that was locked away in time, the Cayman Islands has come a long way from the days of slavery; a time many of us here on this Island do not know about and would sooner forget.

But we must not forget, for if you do you cannot have a good future if you forget your past.

Yes, we have come a long way, but in this day and age we have become so separated and very greedy for the foolish things of this world.

A lot of respect that we showed to each other and a lot of real love that we had for one another seems to have been eroded and lost.

The great people of the Cayman Islands, the people that time forgot; if we do not change direction and do it very fast for the survival of our culture, we will so be the people that have been forgotten completely.

Take a very good look at how we really treat each other today and for those of us that can still remember the days when Caymanians really showed love and respect to one another; the days of real bon fires and beach parties, the days of the fiddle and the real kitchen band.

Compare it to the way we treat one another today. Not even the churches love each other on Cayman; just the mighty dollar bill, CI or US, just as long as the money is flowing.

This great lust for money and power is destroying our Cayman and its culture, it has separated us in such a way we do not know each other anymore.

We allow total strangers into our homes that will do their best to even turn families against one another. Our people have become brain washed by this new age demon culture that has creeped its way into the schools and churches. Look around at the way we live. Look at how the children are the young ones that do not care about themselves that wear their pants down low showing their butts and smoking and drinking at a very unchecked young age.

Old and middle aged people are now caught up in this madness. Our native home and its people are now seeing some very bad times.

Many may say that we are all OK because they may be blind or just do not know. But I tell you this my Caymanian families, my Caymanian people, try to regain some of that culture love or old and start back on the road of real respect for each other.

Remember when all we had was this Island and each other from Little Cayman, Cayman Brac and to all the other parts of our Islands that make up the Cayman Islands.

Take pride in our Islands and our culture and show the real love that seems to have been lost. United we stand, divided we fall. This was our way of thinking in the past.

We need it now in the present to save Cayman and its great people.

Emile S. Levy


  1. In many ways I agree with Mr. Levy. I well remember 30 years ago when you could leave your front door or car unlocked and were happy to give a stranger a ride.

    But I also remember the lack of consumer choices, no Television and getting over 100 mosquito bites on my back in just 20 minutes at dusk!

    Children may have played with tops, but ask them if if they would like to swap their Gameboys for one now!

    Medical care is far better here now. We have supermarkets with incredible choices. We can contact friends and family overseas without paying C and W the equivalent of 8 per minute. (Calls 30 years ago were 3 CI per minute).

    Not just the Cayman Islands but every country has changed over the last 30 years.

    Ask in the street how many people would give up their Internet access, cell phones and cars.

    So the real question is: How can we keep the many benefits of today, without losing the kindness and decency that was so much a trait of the past?

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