Ritz-Carlton wins community award

Seven Mile Beach luxury hotel The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman has received a high-profile award for its Community Footprints scheme. 

The hotel was named Community Footprints Hotel of the Year from the Americas South region, an accolade the resort won for the first time just after the facility opened. 

An internal Ritz-Carlton newsletter, which goes to 35,000 employees worldwide, praised the scale of the resort’s community initiatives. 

“The sheer number of different Community Footprints related activities that touches every single pillar of our Community Footprints program makes The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman a much-deserving regional winner. 

“With a strong commitment from a caring group of Community Footprints committee members that shines through in all of the hotel’s activities – from the partnership with the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre to Big Brothers and Sisters to the Blue Iguana Recovery Programme – truly showcase how committed the hotel’s Ladies and Gentlemen are,” it read. 

Initiatives praised 

The newsletter praised the Succeed Through Service partnership with John A Cumber Primary School as well as Ambassadors of the Environment and the partnership with the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre. 

Other initiatives noted included environmental volunteering such as turtle nest spotting and a cleaning of SafeHaven, which produced more than 40 bags of rubbish. 

“The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman Give Back Getaways programme with the Blue Iguana Recovery Programme has been instrumental in helping raise awareness about this endangered species and support efforts to bring it back from the brink of extinction,” read the document. 

“Quite simply, the hotel’s commitment to the local community is nothing short of inspiring.” 


The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman has won an award for its community work. – Photo: File.


  1. Could CFP please clarify what the Americas South region is? I am guessing they are not a high profile independant body but rather this is an internal subset of the Ritz Carlton corporation.

    So basically it looks like the Ritz gave itself an award. Is that really so meaningful? Good timing though, given all the bad press the Ritz has been receiving lately. I am sure they are doing some good work with the initiatives mentioned but how much better off would the local community be if the developer paid the 6 million that he owes the Cayman People?

    If this is a news piece it needs to written more clearly. If this is a Ritz sponsored PR piece it should say Advertisement in bold at the top.

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