GT police station counter reopens

The George Town Police Station public counter area re-opened Friday following a fire that broke out in one of the prison cells Wednesday morning.

There was no word on a cause for the blaze, but fire crews said the fire appeared to have started in a cell that housed a single prisoner.

That prisoner and a total of ten police officers ended up being hospitalised in the wake of the fire. All ten officers had been released from hospital by Thursday morning; the prisoner remained in hospital.

The police prisoner was in the critical care unit in stable condition with burns to the left side of his face.

After all other police officers and support staff made their way from the smoke-filled building Wednesday, a further nine officers reported feeling unwell and were taken to the Cayman Islands Hospital for treatment. The police inspector in charge of the shift at the station had already been taken to hospital suffering from smoke inhalation.

Close to three dozen people had to be evacuated from the George Town Police Station Wednesday morning.

The extent of the damage from the fire was unknown.

Police staff were relocated to nearby Elizabethan Square pending further assessments of the police station building by the fire service and planning department. By Friday, many of the staff had moved back in, police said.

If anyone wishes to contact George Town police staff by phone they should use the following numbers 949-4222 / 943-4311.

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